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Ashlee –

Victim Location 30518

Type of a scam Employment

Professionals beware!

Abacus Services were accused of resume theft (‘soliciting non-existent jobs to professionals in order to "justify" the hiring of H1-B visa holders) in 2016 and in 2017, they are up to their scamming tricks again.

So-called recruiter "Nathan M" / nathan at abacusservice dot com solicited a job titled "Project/Program

manager in Alpharetta, GA". After responding to the opportunity offer with my salary requirements (using Dice dot com’s Salary Calculator median salary for this zipcode with my credentials), the ‘recruiter’ replied back and undercut the salary median for this position by nearly 50%, then asked for my resume. After remitting my resume with conditions, challenging the ‘recruiter’ to contact the hiring manager client to communicate that working remotely once per week would justify the salary they proposed, the recruiter replied and said that they did not ask the hiring manager about my condition and (he) "just got off the phone with the hiring manager and that this was an entry-level position-only," of which I would have NEVER applied, given my experience, talent, and prestigious certification in this profession.

Summary: Abacus Services solicit a job opportunity to a qualified candidate that does not exist, luring the candidate to surrender their resume, to leave a paper-trail to warrant their employee’s work status.

Shame that scammers like Abacus Services prey on Professionals to justify operation in the USA.



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