Adam Hawkins

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Eric –

Victim Location 07446

Type of a scam Identity Theft

This is the scam/blackmail email for the benefit of others:

Excellent afternoon

Have you read anything regarding the RAT virus 41992? Well I now can congratulate you, you’ve become a proud proprietor of my modification of this malware. I was able to locate a good deal of interesting stuff on your pc, I also was able to connect to all your apparatus including a mobile phone. However, all of them are all nothing, in contrast to the next: I pushed my malware to capture every thing out of your microphone, web camera and stuff from your display. Made a lot of videos that are interesting, some of them will likewise be quite interesting to you personally.

The most interesting videos I was able to recover from my applications is that the moment that you visit one of the porn sites. I spent 10 mins to glue both videos together, among which is a picture from your screen, and the other one is in the webcam. It was quite funny.

So let us get to business now. I suggest you pay 470 usd to this account wallet –


I only utilize btc (cryptocurency). When you have any problems using this currency – just search the net.

After receiving the money. We may ignore this awkward moment and will remove all the information whom I’ve collected from your equipment.

You’ve got 2 days from today on. If I don’t get my cash – I will send all of the stuff I have from your gadget to all your contacts, and I’ve found a nice number of those. Perhaps I will do this via your accounts. It’ll be quite funny when for instance, your nearest and dearest will get that movie in addition to a conversation history.

You are supplied with restricted time because my wallets frequently get blacklisted. Yes, you are not the only man who receives such letter, I have contaminated about 6000 together with my malware and over 3500 of which had a lot of interesting things inside.

You can go to the police, but they probably won’t be able to perform anything, the biggest thing that they will do will be block my wallet and you will deprive others from chance to pay me, and that’s it. Therefore think hard before doing stupid stuff.

If I don’t receive my cash for virtually any reason, for example, inability to send money to a obstructed pocket – your reputation will be destroyed. Thus, hurry up dude.



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