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Dawn –

Victim Location 90048

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

This is the second fax I have received with the same scam. I recognized it as a scam immediately and did not contact them. Scam: A possible dead relative of mine had a "permanent life insurance policy" worth $9.8 million in Toronto Canada. They want me to help them obtain the money. 10% will go to charity and 90% will be shared between me and the law firm.

This fax came to me at work. The prefix phone number was not from Toronto. has had a previous scam like this on their website.

It would be great to be able to catch these people and prosecute.

Fortunately, through talking with a friend in California, he mentioned that his elderly father in Michigan received the same letter and was planning to pursue it. I was able to stop them before he did. These deplorable people prey on the naïve and the elderly.

Louis –

Victim Location 95687

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

we received a fax this morning that is clearly a SCAM. I’ve attached a scanned copy of the original fax.

Thank you

unclaimed permanent life insurance policy



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