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Megan – Aug 17, 2020

They locked me out of my account , I have reached out to them countless times without any response. When I total my out-of-pocket expenses, bonuses given, and real profits made (which I never saw), my losses sum to about $460,000. For each responsible company, I had Excel spreadsheets that detail every transaction I made. After my losses reached the level I couldn’t continue, I set out to finance recovery efforts by so-called recovery experts. I financed so many I do not have an exact count, but there were at least 4 or 6. All failed to recover my money because all the recovery experts were scammers. Late last year I was in the process of identifying legitimate recovery operations because it was my impression that in 2020 there are more individuals and companies who can be trusted to conduct a legitimate recovery effort Not quite long I met a customer who talked to me about, Binary Options Trader Funds Recovery Expert who helped her in recovering her bitcoins and thereafter I contacted Mr Gary Wilson Immediately I contacted the Recovery Expert and followed the recovery processes… I am glad to tell you that I was able to recover all my money including my bonuses. Expose the scammers as much as you can and look for a way to get back your funds. You can contact Mr Gary Wilson through his email address: ([email protected]) and he will guide you on steps to take and claim your money back from your scam investment company.
Good luck

Eduardo –

Victim Location 75254

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

The Airbit Academy Club in Dallas is very suspect.

1. It introduces itself as an opportunity to buy Bitcoin. However, it seems to be a ponzi or pyramid scheme wanting more memberships. They use 50% of your investment to pay commissions and 50% to do trading with cryptocurrencies — they say.

2. They have moved to a new platform where they say members need to be "verified’ by sending in personal information (driver’s license, proof of residence, signatures, their website is unprintable, etc.). They don’t respond to your calls, they don’t return calls. This verification process seems fake and unending…)

3. Airbit Academy Club sys you have a retirement account/wallet, but you never see the retirement account balance.



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