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Terrance –

Victim Location 91501

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Other

This man scouts models from model mayhem, and gets students to bring in other naive students. He claims to work for Warner Brothers, but there is no credits on his IMDB, and no information on him because he is an illegal alien. His "assistant" Ryan Larson (real name Tim Larson) lives with him, and all checks are made to him illegally, because AJ has no bank accounts in his name because he has no valid ID… They are illegally running a business out of their garage. I found this out when police called me questioning about the studio, and Ryan (the assistant) told us to lie about paying for classes and tell them that we paid to rent equipment… AJ is posing as someone who works for the industry when he does not. Also, AJ manipulates the male students into performing sexual activities on each other, and manipulates the men into allowing him to perform oral sex on them. He claims it is an exercise to "reclaim sexual energy" but from what I experienced, it is sexual manipulation. The one time I paid him to take a headshot for me, I never got the copies. He sent me 2 edited versions, and would not allow me to have the rest. I thought that was odd, but told myself maybe that is how the real industry people work. However, as soon I realized he was not an employee at Warner Brother’s AND he is a sexual predator, I immediately left the studio. The cops could do nothing because all the men are technically consenting adults because they are over 18, even though they now feel like sexual victims. Aj is a fraud, a liar, and a sexual predator, and collects paychecks from his students illegally and under pretense of a career he does not have.



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