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Taryn –

Victim Location 32003

Total money lost $39.90

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

DID NOT BUY FROM ALLWAY OR BETTERDAY OR ANYTHING LIKE V5S PRO ROBOTIC VACUUM FOR 60% OFF !! THIS IS A SCAM!! The seller is sending a $2 TOY in place of the vacuum!! Then when you Dispute, Seller wants YOU to send it back to China (verified receipt) to handle a refund! PAYPAL IS ALLOWING THIS! The Seller is using SERVICES instead of Product on Paypal to Avoid Fees and Detection, and so BUYER IS NOT PROTECTED!! (Cant see it under Shopping cart until after payment in Paypal.) PayPal is not shutting them down because they have multiple accounts and they are selling thousands of FAKE Products, which is tens of thousands of cash flow profit for PayPal. Each website uses different Paypal Email account, so they stay below FRAUD THRESHOLDS OF 1% I’m told by Paypal Rep… but if they Follow the DISPUTES AGAINST A PRODUCT THEY CAN FILTER THE SELLER ACCOUNTS…DO NOT BE FOOLED!! PAYPAL NO HELP!! Notice The Email Address, this Scanner has hundreds of Accounts, one Ad on FB has 37MILLION VIEWS!! This is Yuge!!



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