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I applied for a job as a Regional Manager. They contacted me and said I would have to complete a training period of one month, and I would be paid $2000 at the end of the month. This training period was to only to involve a couple hours of work each day. That sounded odd. They sent me an agreement I have to sign, but I’m afraid to. They said I could not call them, that I should email them and ask them to call me. That sounded odd. I checked the address of the headquarters in Augusta and located the property manager of the building they are supposedly in and the property manager said he had never heard of that company, Here is an email from them:

Hello Mr***,

Let me start  by introducing myself. My name is Timo Otten.  I work at

APT Europe company as a Regional Manager.

It  is  my task to guide you through the on-line processes during your

month  long probation period. All  materials  and  instructions  will

be  submitted  via  e-mail and I will provide you with feedback and a

score  as we proceed.

The  probation  period  is  exactly that and you can be assured as the

month  continues  I will provide all the tips and guidance to help you

succeed.  I will endeavor to call some time next week so we can become

accustomed to one another. At other times I am available via email, my

daily  working  hours  are the standard 9:00 – 5:00 PM ET.  However, I

ask you to note that telephone contact can only be made by prearranged

appointment.  The  reason  for  this  is  due  to the U.S. Division is

currently  overloaded  with  work  and  therefore  it  is difficult to

respond to all calls.

For  your  reference  to  the Probation please find listed below the

main aspects of the program:

– Probation period will last one month (30 days);

– Probation salary will be paid at the completion of the month;

–  There  will  be  no  charge  to  yourself  for guides, materials or


– Probation will be home based;

– Probation  will require  2-3 hours a day of your time with  flexible


–  There  is  no requirement to resign your current position in order

to  start  the  probation period as successful candidates will only be

offered a position;

–  Successful  completion  of the Probation guarantees you  full-time


Regarding  the  attachment, please carefully  review the agreement as

it  covers  the  one  month  of  paid  on-line  probation.  It  is  a

requirement  to  sign  the  last  page  of  the  document  prior  to

commencement of the Probationary period.

Successful  completion  of  the  Probation will result in the offer of

full  time  employment.  Please, be aware that during this period all

reporting  will  be  through  the  GA  office  and  will be processed

remotely.  The proposed office in your local area will be opening soon.

Start date: 1/5/17

City/State: Houston, TX (telecommute)

Address: 363 N Sam Houston Parkway E

Office capacity: 60 employees


1.  Review  the  Employment  Agreement  and  ensure  your  details are

correct,  should  this  not  be the case do not hesitate to ask for a

revised copy.

2. The final page of the document requires signing, therefore this the

only  page that will need to be printed. Sign, scan (or a picture) and

email  as  an attachment to my email address. Faxed copies will not be

accepted  due  to  issues  of  clarity.  Signed  documents will not be

accepted through the postal service due to the volume of mail received

on a daily basis.

3.  Upon receipt of the signed document we proceed to the next step in

the process.


1.  It  is  usual  that  2 groups per week are launched, Wednesday and


2.  At  the  moment  we  have  an  opening  with  a group starting on


3.  If  this  date is suitable, please confirm along with your signed

document, if not then an alternative date will be proposed.

Do  not  hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Mr. Timo G. Otten

Regional Manager

APT Europe, Augusta, GA Division

Office –  (762) 208-4480

Cell –  (762) 218-2464



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