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Chad – Dec 23, 2020

SCAM. I placed an order in April 2020 from a sale I saw run on a facebook ad. NEVER ARRIVED AND NO REFUND ISSUED. Package did not ship until JUNE, tracking info was bad, I didn’t get a followup email until SEPTEMBER after I’d repeatedly asked for followup and then a refund, only to be told “it’s on it’s way soon!” and haven’t heard jack since. I have sent a total of 13 emails asking for followup. I don’t know how else to get in touch, no number listed.

Angel – Nov 13, 2020

Absolutely the worst quality ever, definitely not what was advertised and reflect photos. It really looks like the quality that would come out of a quarter (.25) vending machine. Took months to receive, definitely a ripoff of quality jewelry out there, that was obviously made over seas.
You can’t get ahold of anyone and say they don’t take returns anymore due to
“Closing Collection” then look at the terms! Please don’t waste your money and let’s work to get rid of scam artists!

Shannon – Nov 03, 2020

I ordered 2 wind chimes in June and now 5 months later received 2 cheaply made chimes, not what I ordered and not the quality that was pictured.
I sent 2 emails inquiring about my order with no response from them.

Marissa – Oct 30, 2020

I placed order back in May or June 2020. I ordered a Tree Of Life Wind Chime and a gift set. I didn’t receive anything…until today. Some stupid metal heavy dangling pine cones and a few copper-like bracelets that can’t even fit my wrist! So upset. Want my money back!

Larry – Nov 03, 2020

I also ordered the tree of life wind chime and they sent me pine cones.
It took 5 months to get this. What a scam.

Sean – Oct 15, 2020

Placed an order on May 2/20 for two wind chimes. I’ve sent multiple emails requesting a refund if my order can’t be fulfilled, they don’t respond. Today Oct 14/20 (6 months later) I receive an email stating that my order was delivered.
The package only had one wind chime. Total scam. The advertising leads you to believe they are in the USA. The package came from China. They take your money and hope you forget about your order.

Merchant information
Aspens Jewelry
[email protected]

Ernest – Aug 30, 2020

Like most of you time went by with no response. They make it impossible to contact them. Finally charged it back on my card and (walla!) I get a shipping confirmation and the jewelry arrived a few days later. In fairness I email them and tell them to go ahead and charge me again as the cc company had already dismissed the charge. No response from Aspens whatsoever. The other day I get a letter from my cc that they have reinstated the charge based on ‘evidence’ from Aspens. It said that they contacted me on several occasions and even posted about delays on their website, or on a website somewhere no one seems to know about. Those are all lies, they never contacted me. I guess I did recieve the jewelry but only after I forced their hand. Doesnt sit well that they tried to make ME look like the scammer.

Brooke – Aug 24, 2020

took forever and broken
Ordered Pine Cone Chimes on May 4 got it on August 23!
My order number 32510 took forever and then when I got it it was BROKEN not unuseable They shipped it in a plastic envelope with NO BUBBLEWRAP! what the heck Tried to contact customer service NO RESPONSE T

Bruce – Aug 23, 2020

I spent $50 and got nothing.

Barry – Aug 30, 2020

I was in your shoes (a month and a half with no product) and then charged back my credit card. Aspens responded immediately with a shipment.

Erika – Aug 16, 2020

My order was $37.15 but it still makes me furious that a company could be so uncaring and unresponsive to response from so many customers. I ordered April 29, 2020, because the shipping was supposed to ship within two weeks. Supposed to ship prior to a trip we were taking at the end of May. I have checked with the post office to see if a package would be forwarded and assured it would be when received. It’s now August 16th and the DHL ecommerce number I received on June 17th is totally bogus. I asked for an update at least three separate times and got no response. I also asked for proof of delivery and got no response. I plan to report them as well and contact my bank to reverse my payment. I am truly disappointed because the jewelry was really quite nice looking. DISGUSTED!

Rose – Aug 07, 2020

I actually saw their ad on facebook and I ordered two bracelets in May.
I just received my order the first week in Aug and I must say that the
bracelets are beautiful. I was afraid this was a scam but as they mention on their
site, the pandemic has affected their shipping times. I am very happy with my order and they let me know via email when it was shipped and included tracking.

Isaac – Aug 04, 2020

This is definitely a scam. They claim they are going out of business and have a sale. I placed a order 4/22l for $20 (i know, I know, I fell for it). I then sent multiple emails to change address or cancel since it never shipped, and I was moving. No Reply. It “shipped” 6/12th. Since July, it’s been listed as “forwarded” by DHL shipping since my address changed. Nothing has happened since then, DHL said to get in touch with seller. Aspens does not reply to emails. SCAM

Danny – Jul 21, 2020

I was afraid this was a scam…same story as everyone else. Purchased $42.35 worth of jewelry from Aspens on April 8th. I followed up on May 14th and received this email: “Your order is coming, we can assure you of that…We’re expecting every single order to be out in the next two weeks and our team will continue to push day and night until every order is out the door.” I followed up a month later and never received a reply back. It’s now July 20th and still nothing. I have finally disputed the charge with my credit card company and filed a complaint with the TLC.

Troy – Jul 17, 2020

I ordered a windchime from this company over a month ago! They still have no tracking on my order! I have sent them numerous emails requesting updates and have gotten no response! They charged my credit card for this order! They are a scam company!

Bridget – Nov 03, 2020

I ordered 2 wind chimes in June and 5 months later got 2 cheap chimes, not the ones I ordered.

Patrick – Jul 13, 2020

Never got my order of $20 that I ordered back in April 2020…it’s now middle of July. The tracking number sent to me didn’t work.

Cole – Jul 12, 2020

I ordered $67.55 of merch from them May 1, waited a month due to COVID delays. When I reached out to them via email I never got a response. Now going on 3 months with nothing. I googled info for the company thinking I had an old email address only to find this forum. Hearing of eerily similar experiences gives me the feared affirmation that this was a scam. Shame on people like them to take advantage of others like this. Pissed.

Austin – Jul 10, 2020

I ordered from this company on May 1 with June 9 (total of $38.80), I wrote to check on the order and received a message saying things had been delayed on June 10 with a note that my tracking number should be on its way. I have not received any tracking numbers nor my order. Today, I called the phone number on Facebook and was connected to the Google Voice which shared that the recipient was not available. I too am angry about this. Will be looking into it further and contacting my bank.

Mindy – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 40504

Total money lost $38.80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an order with this business for a total of $38.80 on May 1, 2020. I immediately received a confirmation of my order which stated, " We’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent." I received no further communication until June 9, when I wrote inquiring about my order since it had been over a month. I received an email message June 10 requesting my patience that the company was going through "a major delay due to COVID-19." It stated that the company was now caught up, order were being scanned and shipped out and "tracking numbers should be coming shortly". I also found a note on the company’s Facebook page explaining the delay in orders and asking customers to be patient which was posted May 6. On July 10, when I still had not received the order (or a tracking number), I again wrote the company sharing my frustration and that I would be reporting them. I found the above phone number on the Facebook page as well and called it on July 10 to be connected to a Google voice number to be told the recipient was not available. At this time, I searched for Aspens Jewelry and found a number of scam reports for this company at

Alyssa – Jul 08, 2020

I ordered 2 wind chimes in May 2020. The amount was 35.00. I even got a text message saying my order was on the way. They gave me a fake DHL tracking number. I have NEVER received my order or a refund! Something needs to be done to these people!

Rachel – Jul 08, 2020

I just contacted Ryan Leven out of Colorado. I am wondering if this is the owner like someone said. It says he is self employed so this might be how he supports himself! I will see if he answers my message

Zachary – Jul 02, 2020

I received my order after a few months. I thought it was a scam and was surprised when the items arrived. I had given up on it. Know that if you order it may take MUCH longer than 4-6 weeks.

Alisha – Jul 02, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

On April 3rd 2020, I placed an order in the amount of $35.70. I received a confirmtion email stating the order number was #4210 and that I would receive an additional email when the items shipped. I never received that email. I attempted to contact them via email twice requesting an update or refund. It’s now July 1st and I have not received the product or a response.



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  1. Henning Kerger says:

    This is a scam! I ordered and paid for products back in 2020 and never received anything. They even sent a bogus tracking number! Never buy form Aspens Jewlery!

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