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Bonnie –

Victim Location 21230

Type of a scam Employment

It was fishy from the beginning, but I took some convincing, unfortunately. After a swift interview on Google Hangouts, with someone who I was told was the Chief Admin Officer, I was told there would be a check coming in the mail. After I deposited it in my personal account through ATM or mobile deposit, I would then be told to wire or transfer the funds to the vendor of the company’s office supplies. With these supplies, I would be responsible for handling some of the media company’s paper work at my new home office. The first time, FedEx delivered the check to the wrong place. (thank god.) The second time, it finally arrived. Then, when I attempted to deposit it, the bank said the check was false. (THANK GOD.) After reporting to this same alleged admin personnel, I was told to explain the "mishap" to HR in an email. Then she said she would talk with this HR rep. I didn’t wait to hear back from her. This seems to be the same fraudulent company that went by the name of "Atlantic Health Systems," which was reported on 6/13/16 to BBB. They tried to get someone to perform these same steps, instead with medical billing paper work.



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