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Please read my instructions.

This information is useful to you and it is very important for you.

Why does our company use Bitcoin to pay for jobs.

Clients of our company are sponsors for training new personnel so that after an internship in our company outstanding specialists in their field would go out.

1. Zero or very low commission:

The commissions are practically independent of the amount transferred or from the location of the sending and receiving parties. Often transactions are free. The commission is required only for the formation of technically large transactions that load the network, or very small amounts, to avoid an attack on the network by spamming a huge number of meaningless transactions.

2. Instant transfers:

In banks, transfers between accounts take on average 3-5 business days, or more, if they are foreign transfers. In crypto currency transactions are instantaneous. However, when working with large amounts, it is recommended to wait for several confirmations by the transaction network, usually it takes less than an hour.

3. Safety, reliability, security:

In crypto-currency to store the access keys to the funds, we use proven cryptography with a division into open and private keys. Similar algorithms are used by banks and other financial organizations to protect their data. And the total processing power of the Bitcoin network, which is used to protect the history of transactions, in 2012 exceeded the computing power of any supercomputer in the world.

I’ll give you one Bitcoin account of our company. And I’ll teach you how to use it.

Of course, you will need some bitcoins.

We will provide you with funds for this reason.

I’ll help you buy bitcoins.

We need to be able to transfer money to you so that you can buy bitcoin for work.

Popular methods of bank transfers:

1. Direct Deposit.

2. E-Transfer Interac.

Are you familiar with the transmission of e-transaction?

All transactions in our company are made through the bank. This is a confirmation of the reliability of our money. We cooperate exclusively with banks!

All transactions are conducted under the supervision of the bank’s security service.

About any expenses:

You do not need to spend money from your pocket. All fees that you will have you can pay from the amount you receive.

Your initial capital will be distributed to 2-3 transfers. All information about taxes I will provide you with your salary when you finish the internship.

This is your second task in our company.

All transactions are protected by our security team.

Our company works only with reliable customers.

All information will not be passed to third parties.

Let me know if you’re ready proceed to the second task.

If you are now free and ready to perform the task, I will give you further instructions.

Best regards,

Attwood Recruitment Solutions Ltd,

Megan Dennis


Company name: Attwood Recruitment Solutions Ltd.


Telephone: +1 (902) 704-1715



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