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Kristi – Apr 15, 2020

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I received a sextortion email (excerpt below) advising me to send $2000 to a provided bitcoin address.

"I am aware, ****, is your pass word.

I require your total attention for the upcoming 24 hrs, or I will certainly make sure you that you live out of guilt for the rest of your lifetime.

Hey, you don’t know me personally. Yet I know every thing about you. Your current fb contact list, mobile phone contacts plus all the digital activity on your computer from previous 131 days. Including, your self pleasure video, which brings me to the primary motive why I ‘m crafting this email to you.Well the previous time you went to the adult material websites, my malware was activated inside your pc which ended up saving a beautiful video clip of your ************ **** simply by activating your web camera.

(you got a unquestionably strange taste by the way lol)

I have got the entire recording. Just in case you feel I ‘m playing around, simply reply proof and I will be forwarding the particular recording randomly to 3 people you know…."



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