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Kristine –

Victim Location 88201

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website claims to be an online auction for leasing companies, legislative fiscal agencies, fleet agencies, pawnshops, bank seizures, etc. They list automobiles, RV’s, motorcycles, etc. One can either bid on the item or choose the buy it now option. The buy it now prices are incredibly low; as much as 25% the market value. To register to place a bid they require an electronic photo copy of your drivers license, passport or birth certificate, then credit card information if you are the successful bidder. If you are the winning bidder you are required to transfer funds into their so-called 3rd party escrow service. Only then will they revel to you the location and contact information for the item you’ve bid on.

Most of the auctions are scheduled to end in 24-48 hrs. And if you watch the site, the items don’t appear to sell as they keep re-appearing a few days after the auction ends.

I was looking at RV’s and I found one instance where the exact same RV was listed twice, same photos, same description, etc., but one listing was said to be in Pennsylvania and the other in Nevada. They both showed to be in the process of being auctioned and had different current bid prices.

I also did an internet search for a couple of RVs and found that the images were from other auction sites.

The most obvious evidence to me that this website is fraudulent is that It is a mirror image of another online auction site that I believe to be fraudulent as well; They both use exactly the same web pages, formats and graphics but on company, Auctions by Google Express is located in California and the other, Pawn Auctions is located in New York. You can do a "live chat" with a sales rep and I specifically ask them if they were affiliated with the other site (pawn-auctions) and they said they were not. How could this be if they use all the same site formatting and graphics and they even have many if the same vehicles listed at both sites?

I truly believe this is fraudulent site set up to scam people out of funds or steal their identity, or both.

Kendra –

Victim Location 30354

Type of a scam Online Purchase

got directed to Auctions by Google Express where I placed a bid on a vehicle and won with amount bid. received an E-Invoice XXXXXX and invoice had Google Express logo on it. Notes on bottom said payments must be done in cash at nearest Bank of America branch, reply with a clear picture of the receipt once payment is complete. contact support for Credit Card payment instead of bank payment. I sent a message for credit card and received attachment with address to click on and I got a form to fill out, but there was a problem with the form. after getting customer service There was a problem with my browser,not, and said I needed to use the bank payment option.

I was very close to doing that but didn’t just wanted to give everyone a warning

Lindsay –

Victim Location 97068

Total money lost $815

Type of a scam Online Purchase

First and foremost-

Auctions-Express by Google Express is NOT in any way, shape, or form affiliated with Google.

I phoned Google and spoke with 3 Google(Express) representatives and all advised they’ve never heard of this service.

Auctions-Express by Google Express uses Googles address in Mountain View, CA. (You would think they would know of this service if it used their address)

Once you win your blind auction bid you get an email with a link to pay an invoice on their website ( using processing via crypto currency company called Simplex, where you will copy and paste an e-address to the box above.

From here it takes you to the payment page.

They charged a 10% invoice to hold the vehicle. You will be prompted to call your bank and have them over-ride VISA’s restraint on the order. Your bank will do it and it will process.

The first transaction went through $815.xx. The remainder of the invoice did not, which prompted the investigatory work.

After notifying Simplex I was told they have not partnered with Auctions-Express to handle payments.

Furthermore I contacted Simplex and there is nothing they can do the transaction is complete.

Part 2.

If your bank declines payment via Simplex (which your major credit card providers will do) and you notify Auctions-Express to pay a different way, they will send you an invoice to wire cash to an account (the seller). For instance, Wells-Fargo.

No news from the bank as of now.

Cindy –

Victim Location 92543

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found an ad on craigslist for auctions. It looked legit but after doing research I discovered the website domain was purchased from a company in Panama one day before I bid. They listed the address as Google’s address, and they seemed like they had Google-express auctions as their source. After performing a search, Google does not have any google express vehicle auctions. They requested payment via bitcoin. They would not release location of item for pickup or shipping until payment was made in full, but their terms and conditions on their site state otherwise.



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