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Jillian –

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

Contacted me by email indicating they found my resume on That they have opened a new vacancy in their company from the following:

My name is Scott Diaz and I represent the company Aureum Developments

Canada Ltd. Senior HR Manager.

Recently opened a new vacancy

for Asset Manager (Invest). Offer full-time or part-time position

and concluded that I do meet the qualifications. The number of

vacancies is limited.


Location: 1015 Wilkes Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3P 2R8, Canada

Position: Asset Manager (Invest)

[!] This open post is suitable for every Canadian resident, regardless of

his location. Since at the initial stages you will work at home. [!]

Type of employment:

1. Full-time: 9 am – 5 pm (fixed working hours).

Part-Time: 20 hours (per week).

2. Probation period at home (10 business days).



Full-time: 1590 CAD per week + bonuses.

Part time: 720 CAD per week + bonuses.

Payment is made every week to your bank account.


Scott Diaz indicates will be my personal leader and will teach me during probation

period. Indicates has a lot of experience. And he work in the company since 2010.

So this is what he indicated

—-=======[!!!] WHAT YOU NEED FOR REGISTRATION [!!!]=======—-

If you find our work interesting and are ready to take the next step

in the processing of employment, you will need to carefully go through

the documentation attached. Attached to this message please find

Labor Agreement and Job Description. Please, review this document

thoroughly, fill it out and send it to my e-mail address. You must

fill in all the necessary information that is requested in the Labor

Agreement. Be very careful to avoid any errors or misleading information.

IMPORTANT: After you completely fill out and sign the contract, you

will receive a call from our call center manager.

If you are in Canada, we will wait for the completed and signed Labor

Agreement. While your information is verified, we will consider you as

a candidate for the position of the Asset Manager (Invest) of the

position. We sincerely hope that you will join our team and become an

integral part of this.



HR Manager

Scott Diaz

Phone: +1 (204) 202-1849


Aureum Developments Canada Ltd.

Scott Diaz indicates:

Dear Deanna,

I would like to congratulate you on passing another step in the

employment process. The next step is that we will have

fill in:

Holder Name: #####

Bank Name: #####

Email linked to a bank account: #####

Why do I need this? And how does the system work?

Because of the rapid growth of the crypto-currency market, our company

is investing a portion of the company’s assets in crypto-currency.

Therefore, our company decided to introduce a new position because of

the growth and potential of crypto-currency. In particular the revenues

from the sales of our services.

We will create a personal Bitcoin or Etherium wallet for you.

Our customers will pay for services. The money will be sent to

Bitcoins or Ethereum and invest our profits. After that you will work

with this wallet and crypto-currency (this is your personal business


And we also use the interac e-transfer system to transfer salaries to

our employees during the trial period and after the trial period. We

use interac e-transfer system, because it is very convenient and does

not require your personal bank information.

We are very glad to see you as one of our co-workers.

This will be the last of the information. Then you will begin the

probationary period. Thank you!



HR Manager

Scott Diaz

Phone: +1 (204) 202-1849


Aureum Developments Canada Ltd.

Scott Diaz Request the following that I’m to do the following:

1) Please install Telegram on your phone. You can find it in the App

Store or Google Play. Register for your number in this application.

2) Then you will need to write to me. I will work with you during the

probation period.

3) To write to me, please find me in the telegram search, user name:

@scottdiaz (

P.S. If you can not find me, send your username. You can find

your username: – the menu, click on the settings, and below you will see

your login: @

And then Scott Diaz indicates:

Plus Scott Diaz:

Asking the following:

Now you must tell me your limits:

Bank’s counter (without any prior bank notification): ##### CAD

ATM: ##### CAD

If you do not know your exact limits, you need to call your bank branch and confirm this information.

And I asked why this info is required:

Scott Diaz Answer:

My task is to find a client and provide them with the services of our company. Further clients either refuse or agree. If they like our services they buy them. And part of the money goes to you so that you invest this money in a cryptocurrency. This is done so that you increase your income on a permanent job after a probationary period and increase the company’s income.



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