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Natasha –

Victim Location 49684

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Selling a item online and i receive a text asking the final price for the item, so I gave that to them and they said they were "satisfied" with the price. Then they said they would send a cashiers check for the amount, so i accepted and gave them my work address for where to send it and who to make it out to and they over-nighted it. I received it and it was made out for $1200 over of what I as asking, I did my research before this transaction and i knew right away it was a scam. So i texted them saying I’m not cashing this and I’m reporting you as a scammer and they wanted me to calculate shipping cost for the item. So what they would do is have me calculate the shipping cost and find that it was much lower than the amount they included in the check and they would want a refund in real money, knowing their check would bounce.



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