Blue Moon Brewing Company

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Krystle –

Victim Location 86403

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Christopher Delgado sent Consumer an email regarding advertising Blue Moon Brewing company on his vehicle. The ploy was they would send him a check to deposit into his account and he was to Western Union the money to Oakland, CA. He was wiring money to the decal installer, when the consumer stated he would just give the money in person to the decal installer, Christopher Delgado stated that is not how it works. He argued with the consumer about sending the money, and the consumer knew right away this was a red flag. When the consumer looked at the check he deposited it had the company name of Testa Produce, Inc. This company has nothing to do with Blue Moon Company and further is located in Chicago, IL. This was the second red flag the consumer noticed, but this was Fortunately the consumer did deposit the check for the amount of $1980.12 before he noticed the check was from a produce company. Consumer contacted the Testa Produce company, and they confirmed they did not send a check, and that it was a scam. Consumer called his bank the next day and mentioned that it was a fraudulent check, but the bank stated it would be a $30.00 charge.



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