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Yolanda –

Victim Location 49015

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this company for employment through an online job search site where I had my resume (ie: indeed.com, careerbuilder.com, etc.). I was emailed by *** *** who is a ‘recruiter’; I had an phone interview; I was approved to work. This involved being a middle man for packages where I would receive items, check them against the invoice and the company portal then ship them back out with a prepaid shipping label. My ‘manager’ (*** ***) communicated via online messaging through the portal. I was also contacted by *** *** in ‘payroll’ to set up my salary payment which was supposed to be $2300 for the first month. I did this job for 30 days (probation period) and at that time the portal was locked for my evaluation. Since then (12/7/17) they have cut off all communication with me. No one answers emails and all the voice mails I left were not returned. Every time I log back into the portal (https://action-crm.net/orders.php) it says it’s under maintenance for 2 days. Other ‘managers’ names that came through during that time are: *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** A. ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***.

Do not get involved with this company!

Kaitlin –

Victim Location 95621

Total money lost $2,400

Type of a scam Employment

I was employed as a Logistics Manager with Parsender,com on November 12, 2017 and was hired by Mr. *** *** in the HR Department. The agreed compensation for my first 30 day probation period was to be $2,350 in addition to $50 in reimbursable supplies. My first shipment was on November 27, 2017 and *** ***, the payroll Accountant reassured me my Direct Deposit Form was filed with Wells Fargo Bank, NA on 12/18/2017 in addition to 2)Expense receipts from FedEX for shipping supplies. I was diligently working in my role of Logistics Manager and my Account Profile indicated I had a 100% fulfillment in processing 33 parcels on December 26, 2017. I have still not received my salary payroll check and have attempted to email the HR Dept. as well as my immediate supervisor Veronica Veljohnson. In addition to phoning each Departments and leaving voice mail messages without receiving one call back! The action-crm.net website indicates that the System is in a Maintenance Function Mode until 1/4/2018. I am incensed by the inaccessibility of everyone at the Corporate Headquarters, as I have NEVER been able to speak to one person at the offices!

Bruce –

Victim Location 89074

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered by this job last month on November as a Logistics Manager and was expected to get paid 2300 for the first month then 2600 for the following months. But then I realized it was a scam because the packages they’ve been sending me have different names on it also received a report that someone’s been accessing Paypal account in our address. In addition I wasn’t got paid in the end of my provision and have no access anymore on the online account they trusted me to use.

Kurt –

Victim Location 33175

Type of a scam Employment

Now, there is no way that I can prove that this was scam but I have a weird gut feeling that it is. I got an email stating that they found my resume on career builder. This is a job site that I have used a long time ago. I haven’t updated my employment history one bit yet some how from the qualifications they saw I was qualified to apply for the position of Logistics manager. They told me that this job was a work at home job where they will send you packages at the comfort of your home and all you have to do is inspect them and send them to the postal services. I didn’t see the harm in applying so that is what I did. I applied for the position and immediely I got an email stating that I was going to do a phone inerview. At this point, nothing concerned me. I thought if this was a work at home job they would do a virtual interview. They informed that I will recieve a call the next day between the hours of 12 and 5 pm. Today, I got a call from them with a number from California. I did my research and according to their webiste they are registered and accreditied by the bbb under C W S Inc. I checked your website and that’s not ture. When I recieved the phone call the guy on the other line sounded like he was from India. I thought this was odd because usually if a company it outsourcing a call the number would be a 1 800 number. This was a phone number from California. Anyways, the operator asked me some basic questions. First, he gave me a basic description of the company and the position that I applied for. Then, he asked me for my experiance. After that, he asked me if I had a computer and a reliable phone. I hope this information might help in any way. I am very catuious about this company and very skeptical of this "employment opprotunity." I will go ahead and attach a screen shot of emails that I were sent to me.



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