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Bruce – Feb 04, 2020

I signed up just to buy some coins, then I wanted to withdraw my funds, It was never approved and my account got blocked, I tried to contact their support, It never worked , wrote on several review websites nothing until I got in contact with the CEO, Scott freeman and he headed the scam and said “It would be sorted” that was 6 weeks after I wrote to him, then wrote him again and I found out I was blocked, I lost already $11,500 to this exchange then,
Fortunately for me, I found that in some forums were similar stories to mine, and but they got their funds back. I followed up with this and got to know of some expertise combating financial Fraud, Secured Recovery, I contacted them, and luckily got my funds out too.
These companies just pull exit scam. That’s all they do here. I’d leave a address to write to them requesting they help you get your fund out too if you have been scammed.

securedrecovery @protonmail.com

Tristan –

Victim Location 80014

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Coin listed in C2CX crypto exchange was on I’m interest. Signed up just to buy it then I wanted to withdraw and my account got blocked, made some calls and couldn’t find a online support, wrote emails nothing until I got in contact with the ceo Scott freeman and he couldn’t help me, he said “we are under maintenance until futher notice” that was 6 weeks ago, wrote him again recently and I found out im blocked, lost 5k with this exchange later I found that in some forums similar stories to mine, exit scam is what they are doing here.

Darren –

Victim Location 85712

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Been reading the same stuff that happened to me on a telegram group of c2cx, a crypto exchange that steals your money and there’s no way to a refund, they manage to keep 10% of my money that I keep there as I like to trade and with that, I mean 4k. They gave me an excuse every time and I was tired of it, called and contacted the CEO and he doesn’t care about my problem feels like, he ignores those calls and emails. Everyone on the group it is complaining about this, seems like an exit scam to me.

Desiree –

Victim Location 85701

Total money lost $20,480

Type of a scam Phishing

Got a couple of tickets with an issue with C2CX that it’s an exchange managed by a scammer “Scott freeman”, it’s been 4 months since I opened the first ticket, because my account was locked with 2.3 btc in. After a long time of trying to reach this guy I gave up and wanted to close my account because I found out that they sell private information to Russian people. Some guy uploaded a vlog talking about how he found out this about Scott. I’m in panic, I’m not just scammed my money, my private information too.

Henry –

Victim Location 46202

Total money lost $4,700

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

A Chinese crypto exchange “C2CX” are publicly making ADS that say you get money when you sign up, but it’s a lie, I lost my whole stack because the more you deposit the more, they give you. This happened a couple of months ago and I thought it was a mistake from them but when I tried to get in contact with their support team and with the owner Scott freeman, it was always the same answer “We are working on it” or “We are under maintenance”, abuse to their clients, stealing money and information.

Pamela –

Victim Location 06905

Total money lost $7,400

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Got an account on C2CX, have been trading these past days in there and everything was fine. Until I tried to withdraw, made nice profits and wanted some cash so withdrew half of my btc to my personal wallet but apparently I got my account frozen, I cannot make any moves, started to send a lot of emails to [email protected] and try to call them, but everything I try is useless with these guys, they do nothing to help me withdraw my money and fix this issue. Fond that this is typical on their website, a lot of people complaining about this kind of behaviors here: https://revain.org/exchanges/c2cx . At this point there’s much to do than report them to you guys, please help.

Barry –

Victim Location 50801

Total money lost $21,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Met a guy in a telegram group, his name is Scott freeman, apparently he’s the CEO of c2cx, a almost dead crypto exchange, he was publicly promoting a ICO pool, his plan was to reach 200 btc and participate in this ico called crypto curve, I liked the idea, icos were very popular at the time and a easy way to make money, gave him 3btc almost 12k at the moment. This ico pool happen when btc was at 4k and in the end, the guys gave the money back saying that they didn’t make the ico, guess what happened when Scott contacted to say he won’t give me my 3 btc because the price of btc changed, it would have been 33k now but instead he gave me 1.2 btc. Been talking to him and saying this was not fair but he doesn’t want to give my 2.8 btc back.

Beth –

Victim Location 52254

Total money lost $3,488

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Hey, Scott Freeman the ceo of C2CX and ITR group is selling a trading bot opportunity, but the bot is a fail, he offers the license like its one of the best trading feature in the crypto space, that’s until you use it and realize you got scammed. Paid him about 3k for a year subscription and with this he said the bots would make gains weekly which is a lie, I’m just losing money with this bot, putted 1 btc to trade and 2 weeks after I noticed it lost almost 30% of it so I told him this and to pay my money back, that I didn’t want a useless bot and he got offended and told me I was lying. I wrote him again to say sorry and if he could give my money back, I got blocked and never got to hear about him.

Austin –

Victim Location 51034

Total money lost $13,569

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

In this crypto space is so easy to get scam, last thing that happen was when I tried to participate in a ICO in a crypto exchange c2cx, the ceo himself Scott Freeman, presented the opportunity on a telegram group, he wanted to collect about 20 btc to make it happen, I threw 1.3 btc there because ICO’s are very profitable. About 5 weeks passed since then and he was nowhere to be found until the ico we were supposed to be in, came out with a 3.3x which means I would get 3.9 BTC, I was feeling great until he said that a problem happened and he couldn’t get in so he gave me back my 1.3 but I don’t believe him, IMO he got in and stole or lost all the money that was made so he made that excuse so he didn’t have to pay it. Abosolute scam, hope you guys can do something with this case.

Joseph –

Victim Location 48075

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Have a conflict with a crypto exchange called C2CX which its impossible to get in touch with, they don’t pick up the phone that they got on their page and that I later found out its actually the number of a company called IT’R group, I thought for a second it was a mistake but no, the ceo of both companies is the same person, Scott Freeman. So, I procced to contact him, his page owes me 800$ that I deposited 2 months ago, I emailed them and nothing, opened about 3 tickets same results. At this point I was tired of waiting so I contacted the ceo by telegram, turns out he knew about my problem because it was an “issue” with their page, he said the page was on maintenance, but I told him how can this last so long? that I don’t have my money back after month. Well, I have not seen my money till this day, they just keep saying the same about some system update.

Jared –

Victim Location 65708

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

CEO of a crypto exchange called C2CX is scamming people and I’ll tell you how. First you get know the guy by telegram, email, phone, thinking he’s good because he got that ceo tittle making a lot of people believe in him, he then offers you a deal that makes you want to invest in, In this particular reason, a ICO investment was what happened to me. He promised me a 2x ROI of my investment that was 5k, but when the ICO went out he literally disappeared, when I tried to contact him by telegram, messages don’t even get to him. Read about him, that he sells private information to *** people too, so if someone sings up on c2cx, its going to the ***.

Jillian –

Victim Location 15801

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Noticed this exchange C2CX thanks to their advertisement, they promote that they will give you about 0.5% of what you deposit so I got interested and went hard, transferred about 6k the same day I saw their ads. When I logged in I couldn’t see my balance or anything. Looked up the transaction ID on the blockchain and the block is confirmed, so I started to create tickets about my issue, their customer support doesn’t even replay, told them I didn’t even want the 0.5% anymore, just want my 6k back. Went to their telegram group https://t.me/C2CX_EN and apparently there’s a lot of people with the same problem, spoke about my issue and got insta-kicked and banned.

William –

Victim Location 90017

Total money lost $26,283

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Transferred about 2btc to C2CX that is an exchange of crypto currencies like 2 months ago and till this day I have not seen the money in my account. They say and confirmed that the money was never received, sent them my address and the transaction that the blockchain clearly confirms the money was sent to them. They don’t help with this issue after tickets and tickets made, feels like I will never see my money back because now I found that C2CX is always doind this kind of scams, first they advertise you to join the page, you deposit and your funds are gone, this is all thanks to the person behind Scott freeman.

Sheena –

Victim Location 30240

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I’m a crypto trader that wanted to make a new logo for a trader’s company with a group called IT Resources, found them through LinkedIn and other websites, thought this was a nice idea because this is a “decent” company, I’ve seen these guys all over internet with a lot of advertising. Talked with them and they said to pay half first and the other one when the job is done and I did, paid them about 2k and they disappear, it took more than 4 weeks so I called, with them saying that they don’t know who I was, sent them the TXID with screenshots of our conversation and they said that was not them. OBVIOUSLY were them, so I got mad and told them to pay my money.

Barbara –

Victim Location 63146

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Got interested in a company called ITR group for a new web design I needed for my brand, the CEO was the first one to personally contact me by phone. We made a deal that they would make the design for a price of 3k, Liked the deal so I accepted, the thing is that everything was fake, there’s no legit people working there, Scott freeman has that company just to make deals, steal the money and never get it done. Got desperate waiting for him to make a call or write me but it never happened. Got in contact with the police and they said the couldn’t do nothing because he lives in china, so I lost my money and there’s nothing I can do.

Kathleen –

Victim Location 30101

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

The CEO of a well-known exchange c2cx, Scott freeman is selling their users information to the Russian mafia, he’s doing money laundering to them as well, how do I know this? Because I’m one of those Russians, I’ve read about this so I PM him about that I needed a new identity, but he’s now asking for more than 10k, which is a lot, so I declined. This is because now everyone know he does this service and he can’t be selling this information to anyone. There’s a rumor now that there are more than 10k Russian people with new personal info, and Scott freeman is the one selling those, Easy to do it, the guy lives in China, in a no-regulated crypto exchange and a group called ITR that help them make this possible.

Sheila –

Victim Location 62701

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

The CEO of C2CX Scott Freeman made an ICO pool, he offered the deal to everyone on his private group, the guys promised everyone 2x ROI, so I sent him 6k just to start. I was feeling good with this deal, hes plan was to make one himself and list it on his exchange to dump on the users, well when the ico came it was a madness, It did x0.3 ROI which means my 6k is now 2k. After this, he didn’t make refund or even talked about, when I tried to make a ticket, support didn’t even now what I meant. Contact him privately and I was blocked.

Mindy –

Victim Location 61724

Total money lost $2,126

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Deposited 2 btc in C2CX and balance appears to be glitchy because I don’t see my btc. Made a couple of support tickets, the first one I thought was quick because they told me it was going to get solved. After this, 3 weeks passed so I made a couple more. From then, they have not told me a single word about this. Made my research about them and who’s behind, their CEO is Scott Freeman, a guy that abuse of his power and their clients on his exchange and stealing their private information for sell.

Justin –

Victim Location 27502

Total money lost $4,385

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Got a withdraw pending with C2CX them for 3 weeks, sent all they need to make a valid ticket, they asked for my ID, my passport numbers and photo, escalated the issue several times and even talked with live support. One day they told me the ticket is “Solved” and they closed, which is [censored]ed because I still not have my money. The only thing left is to report this abuse, these people stealing and manipulating people. they didn’t even replay anymore of what I say, Scott freeman behind this was the red flag and I ignored.

Terry –

Victim Location 84117

Total money lost $6,700

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

C2CX was a good exchange and fluid to use, when I first started trading. The problems started when I tried to withdraw my balance they held my money for over 1 months now. They said they sent it back and it’s a lie. On their telegram group was a disaster apparently theres a lot of people having the exact same problem with withdraws and theres only one girl helping with the name of Arong Xu, useless. There’s no help after 3 months of tickets and talking to the support.



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