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Chase –

Victim Location 02780

Total money lost $230

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I tried ordering a specific brand of cartridges online from I placed the order 6/21/2019

At first the emails were pretty quick in response time for questions I had about making a purchase. Once I placed the order and went to send the payment via Western Union, it was picked up 2 days later.

The payment was for product and overnight shipping. 5 days after I made the payment, I checked the tracking I was provided again and it said my package was being held in New York. I got in contact with the seller again and asked why it was being held and why it was now 5 days later and I still had not gotten my package.

The seller stated that I now needed to pay for insurance on package, which was NOT mentioned at all during my time of purchase. The seller did not tell me how much the insurance was, but to just send a payment to them so they could then pay for the insurance for the package through the carrier. The carrier which is MCL Express, I’ve never even heard of this shipper carrier.

I even tried to ask the carrier why my package was being held, and I received an email VERY similar in response to the one I just received from the seller.

That’s when I really knew this was a scam. I’ve been trying to get a hold of ANYONE from through any way possible. Emails to [email protected], and [email protected] Phone calls to any phone numbers I could find between social media accounts and what was listed on their website. I tried via twitter, facebook, and kik as well since they have a kik username. NO RESPONSE ANYWHERE.

I have been sending messages and calling to try and get a refund on my money but can not get ahold of anyone unless I’m acting as a new customer.

I then made a new email to try and see if they would answer through that. They did, almost instantly.

I then proceeded to ask for a refund on my order again using the new email, I once again did not receive a response.



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