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Candace –

Total money lost $1,436.92

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I am an accountant for a company and I ran into an invoice with Canada Business Pages Online. We don’t do business with them regularly, therefore I Googled their company. Realized that it was a scam. I informed my boss about it, but that fraud company already got him to say "Yes" and gave consent for that purchase. So we paid the invoice. 6 months later, the same thing happened again. My boss told me to just pay it and we will not fall for it again. I called the fraud company and asked for the recording of my boss giving that consent. Honestly, I think that recording was composed. I told them that we will file a fraud claim against them. They told me that they will file a claim on BBB and leave junk comments about our business. We paid the invoice eventually.

Sara –

Total money lost $646.65

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

They phone (and record your call) telling you that they are the only ones who can advertise your business effectively. Once you make the mistake of confirming your address (without agreeing to any purchase), they use the recording for fraudulent purposes. They invoice you, then when you don’t know what the invoice is for, they call and harass you. Then they play back what sounds like you saying yes to the purchase, but be careful, this is a cut and paste of the recording when you confirmed your address. If you ever make the mistake of paying an invoice you will never get rid of them. I have faxed in writing for them to leave us alone, we are not responsible for their fake invoices. Then they phone and yell/harass you to no end. I told them "IF" we have agreed to anything and they are in fact a credible company, then they should have a signature on file stating our agreement in acceptance of their invoice/product. I think their intent is to frustrate people to just pay the stupid invoice (which is usually small enough that it’s not a big deal), but that is a HUGE mistake because they will never leave you alone. And they will double charge your credit card.

Kari –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

They contacted my husband demanding payment for online advertising that they said he agreed to. They said they had him recorded agreeing to it and played back him saying yes. He NEVER agrees to advertising as that is what I take of and we NEVER advertise unless it’s local or on facebook. He gets calls randomly when he’s at work and usually with all the equipment running (he’s a home contractor), he usually prefers to call people back and they probably asked him if this is the owner, which people do sometimes, and he must of said yes and they had him to turn it into a different recording. VERY clever and underhanded. One day a week before, my 16 yr old son was at home and got a delivery at the door which he signed for and we were both at work. It was a CD from them with an invoice of $773.20. They call daily demanding money and that it is in collections. SO SICK of these sub-human people. We are NOT paying a dime. We even had another person send us a message on our facebook page for our business telling us not to fall for a company by that name and they tried scamming him too. I also see on this page here that we aren’t the only ones they’ve tried this too. We googled them and there are pages of people on 800-Notes site complaining as well. [censored]!

Summer –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

"cbpo" called our house saying we owed them $780.00 for advertising our construction business, we NEVER agreed too, Harassing us to no end, total scam do not give them a cent!

Jorge –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Canada Business Pages Online called and asked to confirm our mailing address then proceded to ask if the person on the phone was allowed as a purchaser for the business she replyed with yes as she is allowed to purchase things for the business, they then proceded to say that the invoice will be then sent in the mail. There was no offical confirmation of allowing us to purchace this CD directory and online listings for the business. We have not recieved the invoice as of yet but have revieved the CD.

Kurt –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

2 years ago, someone called my business and talked to my shop manager and got her to confirm contact information and business type and asked her if she was authorized to make a purchase. Shortly after we received an invoice for $626.30. Needless to say I refused to pay the invoice for a service we never signed up for. Fast forward two years and yesterday I got a call from "Financial Department" Company Credit Dispute Department, offering me a settlement for $325. I went along with the call and got him to send me a settlement invoice, which I received and can definitely tell that it is not legit, it was a copy of the original invoice from 2014, no settlement portion attached. Needless to say I will not pay the settlement amount either!

Kurt –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Call claiming our subscription is up for our business directory, and they need to verify info. Sent us a bill in the mail. Several calls asking for their money. We did not subscribe to any online business directory services.

Adam –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Tell you that you have ordered advertising with them and that you owe $718.46 and if you don’t pay there going to take you to collections

Jamie –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I received a cold call on July 28, 2016 from this company. I requested they send me information about their company and services. On August 8th, 2016 I received a cd-rom in the mail along with an invoice for $773.20. I immediately contacted this company and spoke with management advising that I did not order anything that I simply requested information about their services. I don’t have a cd-rom on my laptop so their sending this to me was useless. I informed management that I did not want the cd nor was I paying an invoice for a service that I DID NOT request. I was advised by management to throw out the cd-rom, which I did along with their invoice.

Since August 2016, I have received numerous harrassing phone calls from different individual’s from the company and I have told each one of them the same thing, I didn’t order anything and that I didn’t authorize them to promote my business and I am not paying for a service I didn’t request. Now I am receiving emails from this company telling me I authorized this on July 28, 2016 which I most certainly did not. They are sending me copies of delivery notifications and credit card payment forms and emails that state….

"Despite several attempts to reach you, please find attached a copy of your outstanding invoice, along with the delivery notification from Canada Post. It is for online advertising, and for updates as it appears on our website: Authorized by yourself on July 28,2016."

I have stated in emails they are to remove my information from their website, their fb page and any other sites where they have "promoted" my business, as I didn’t request their company to do so. I have not had any replies to my emails.

I repeat, I did not authorize this company to advertise my company anywhere and I am not paying their invoice as I didn’t provide them with said authorization, I didn’t sign any contract for services either and I do not authorize them to promote my business, I requested they provide information ONLY.

Carmen –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I was called out of the blue one day and was told that I was going to receive an invoice for the past six months of advertising with this company online. They explained to me that someone in my company with authority had made the decision to go with their services. When I told him I was the company and nobody else worked for me, he paused for a few seconds and switched gears. He started saying that I was contacted and I agreed to their service and that I was going to receive a bill for seven hundred and fifty something. I then told them that I only advertise locally and that I don’t agree to anything over the phone. He then passed me off to a credit department to get my billing information and I declined. I thought I had heard the last of them until a week later. I received a registered letter in the mail with a CD and a letter stating that an invoice was to follow. I received the invoice at the beginning of October 2016 for the amount of $773.20. I chose to ignore it and three days ago I received another call. I told them I wasn’t paying it and that I had reported them to the RCMP and that I had spoken to my lawyer. He then began to tell me he wanted to speak to my lawyer and started getting pushy. He then informed me that he had a recording of me agreeing to their service. I told him I wanted to hear the recording and he said he would have to look for it and he would call me back. That’s the last I heard from him.

Mathew –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Canada Business Pages Online -called and a sales person misrepresented who they were calling on behalf of to solicit online service . Not knowing the person okayed for the service but thought it was the company that had already set up the web page – when called the company to cancelled was told could not cancel. Contacted BBB and the Anti fraud Centre of Canada and was advised not to pay and send a registered revocation letter which was done. SO far they have since faxed and left threatening messages. We have not signed any contract for services

Allison –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

We were contacted by phone by a "representative" of Canada Business Pages Online to purchase a service to increase our online visibility or searchability. As we already do this through google, we declined this service. A few weeks later we received an "invoice" for the CD Directory and Online listing that we did not purchase or desire. We chose not to pay the amount invoiced and looked it up and found that other businesses have had the same scam. We then reported it through here and to the ftc.

Matthew –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Was sent a disc in the mail to assist me in setting up/personalizing our business’ online ad with them. My husband and I are the owner/operators of our own business and neither of us agreed to advertising with this company. We have tried multiple times to have the invoice reversed since we do not want their service but they are still persistent. They have never been able to show/prove that an ad was ever made/placed for our business through them. Apparently there is no way to "officially" file a complaint with the in Quebec because there isn’t one….

Nancy –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I received a call from Canada Business Pages Online stating we have were on a two year contract and they wanted to confirm our company address. After I confirmed the address they asked if I was interested in signing up for another two years. Shortly afterwards we received an invoice in the mail with a CD for around 650.00 dollars (No contract was signed/information sent. We were not aware of this charge). I spoke with our accounting department and they said we have never been on a two year contract with them and I was very caught off guard by the charge. When we searched up the company to see if we were listed we found the only thing that came up with the search was that this company was a scam. We said we told them we will not be paying for the invoice and we cancelled their service. When I told them this they said the cancellation fee was 937.00, I refused the cancellation fee. The Canada Business Pages Online has continue to harass our company making threats, trying to force our hand into paying for these false invoices.

Dawn –

Type of a scam Other

Received a phone call from Canada Business Pages claiming that someone our office had previously authorized the purchase of business listing in a business directory, and they would like to verify your business information for renewal, such as company name, address, telephone and fax number. Only company name was provided and then hung up on caller.

Shortly after received an invoice for $716.46 in the mail. Called 1-855-834-2276 to inform we will not be paying as we did not authorize this nor were we subscribed in the first place. Were told we are obligated to pay and if we do not a collection agency will be following up.

Martha –

Total money lost $341.27

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Canada Business Pages Online contacted our company through phone calls asking for the CEO and to confirm the purchase of advertising through Canada Business Pages Online.

They then mailed a CD with information and our "order" and said an invoice would be on the way.

I called the company stating we did not need the services and they played a recording back to me with confirmation provided by my husband that he had agreed to the services.

They said they would only charge us half for only a years worth of services – $341.27 (apparently the previous agreement was for 2 years). I paid over the phone and then checked the website and saw that our information was not on the website and that the website hadn’t been updated since Feb 2014.

I have cancelled my credit card and reported the charge to my credit company is fraud.

Alana –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

They called me at work saying that we had a listing with them previously and asked me to update my profile. I thought nothing of it as we get calls all the time to update our listings. (We are a small Hotel in BC)

She then asked if I had authorization for her to send me a CD in the mail, I said sure that would be fine. We got the CD and 2 days later we got an invoice for $718.00. I e-mailed them and explained that I hadn’t been told that we were being billed for anything and that I would like to send then this CD back and cancel the supposed listing. I then researched the company and saw many fraud complaints against them. About 30 mins after I sent the e-mail I received a phone call, I explained my situation to the lady on the phone and she told me that she has a recording of me agreeing to payment. I did not agree to payment at all.

I will be reporting this to the Canadian Anti Fraud Center as well. I am going to send their CD back in the mail and let them know that they have been reported.

Jaclyn –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

The phone and spoke to an employee at my company. They asked he name and the company name. She gave it to them not realising. They said we had a business directory with them and they would send the invoice. The person who answered the phone didn’t know about these scams so she just said ok and hung up. a week later I received the invoice in the mail as I am the accounts payable. I knew right away it was a scan I goggled the busiest name and it comes up right away as a scam. They keep calling and sending invoices and over due letter and I have called them and told them I’m not paying it because I know its a scam. One person I talked to said that was fine and they would delete the file but we keep getting invoices sent.

Jake –

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Canada Business Pages Online phone thru tele marketers implying they are a company whom we are already dealing with eg Yellow Pages wanting to sell add on business the sending out invoices for amouts such as $718.46.

This fraud is already identified online.

Clinton –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I received a phone call from a lady which gave the impression they worked for Yellow Pages, and stated our directory was up for renewal. Basically they say your current listing is expiring and is up for renewal. The company will list off your services, corporation etc. to "confirm nothing has changed from prior years". At the end of their little pitch, I asked to review the listing prior to processing payment, as I was suspicious they were pushing payment so early in the process. They skated around this request by saying it was no big deal and payment can be made at a later date. Next thing I know the lady was telling me that accounting will call to arrange payment. Two seconds later the phone rings, and it is a different lady trying to process payment. Again, I wanted to see what we were getting as I was confused as to whether it was Yellow Pages or not. The billing lady sounded frustrated and had the sales lady call me again. We went over the same information, that I wanted to see the directory details prior to paying. The sales lady had the accounting lady call again, this time to tell me that they will ship the details and payment can be made at a later date.

After all this, I looked online to see if there was some sort of business directory scam, as the whole ordeal was super suspicious at this point. Sure enough, numerous people had been victims of similar phone calls, however most had processed payment over the phone. Others, did the same as me, and apparently received numerous invoices and threats of collections for not paying after realizing it was a scam. Based on this, I waited for documentation to arrive, as I had no phone number to call them back. Given what I read online, I figured she would tell me that since I received their advertisement CD in the mail, which contains a website, that I was legally required to pay. Sure enough, when I called to tell her not to bother sending the invoice as we won’t be paying for this bogus service, she gave me the exact line I read from other victims of this scam. She became hostile and told me she had me recorded saying to process the payment. Again, I told her I was not going to pay and will be filing a claim to the and if she wanted to contact any further, she can call our lawyer. At this point she hung up. However, I’m fully expecting invoices and threats of collection like others have received, since the whole ordeal was text book to others.



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