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Mary –

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for many jobs on and I got mail from the company named Canada Reporter (where I have never applied) and they sent me an Job offer which I have to sign and send them back with few details and after that they asked for some identity proof. As I am new here in Canada, I gave them my passport details and study permit details which I am regretting to. They have the website named and it is unsecured website and they have copied all the material from and removed the name reuters from it as to fraud others. When I called them, only one person is answering my phone calls named John owens. They offered me 650 dollars per week and bonuses also. I was having doubts regarding company from beginning. I searched them from ground and I found one fraud relating to it. They give you mystery shops on day 1 which I have never completed for. I want to aware others about it. They send the file with .rtf extension and it adds to suspicion about them. After that they didn’t answered my calls.

Maurice –

Type of a scam Employment

Canada reporter sent me an email of giving job and email said that they do not interview for part time positions. They did not ask for money. But, i suspected it as it did not have any company address. The phone number was not working. I googled this company and i did not get any real stuff. It was that they have used any other journalists name john owens to advertise for their company. The setup for their job application was impressive but it is fake.

Janelle –

Type of a scam Employment

Basically I received an email from a company I have never applied for saying the following:

"Our Human Resource bureau reviewed your request on Indeed and we are pleased to offer you a position of Customer Service Support – Quality Control Specialist.

I’m attaching the Application Form and Job Description.

I ask you to fill it out as a part of our selection procedure.

Please review the Job Description enclosed for more details about vacancy. Thanks for applying for the job to our company"

The forms ask for a lot of information and some references that it was really suspicious for me. I searched on Internet the "company", but I couldn’t find anything, then I just thought that it was an scam and I found another case from the same company in this web page. I didn’t reply their email, so I didn’t provide any kind of information in order to know what was their objective.

Raul –

Type of a scam Employment

I am a student and try to look for a part-time job. I send some resumes to potential employers through indeed. A few days later I got an email from someone who claims his name is John Owens, the HR Manager of Canada reporters.

In the email, he told me my application was accepted. in order to complete the selection procedure, I need to check on the job description and f then fill out an application form with some personal information like name, address, available hours for work and also 3 referees from former employers or teachers from school. In the application form it also states that if it’s a part-time job, an interview is not required. I thought those are reasonable request, and maybe they will call later for a phone interview. so I completed the form and reply to Mr. John Owens.

Next day morning, I received a job offer from Mr. Owens. He asks me to provide the scan copy of my passport and driver license so they will arrange insurance coverage for me. I feel suspicious as I am not quite convinced that anyone could get a job without an interview. so I google the company but I feel even more suspicious after googling it because below 3 reasons:

1. I can’t find any tracks of the company except their own website and another almost identical website

2. They claim they are news agency, but all articles are copied from Reuters but none of the articles indicates sources or authors/ reporters’ name.

3. The phone number on is the same with HR Managers’.

I feel confused so I call Mr. Owens to ask their address and the relationship between Canada reporter and Canadian reporter ltd. The reply from Mr. Owen is that, they are in Toronto but they are moving to my city so they don’t have the local address right now. These 2 websites are under the same media group, but right now they are independent. When I try to ask more professional questions like their article source, Mr. Owen said he can’t hear me because the phone signal is not very well, therefore he asks me to write him an email. However, I didn’t get any reply since.

I am lucky that I did some research before send out my passport and driver license copy, but I wish could do something to prevent this happening to the next victim.



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