Canada Revenue Agency Spoof

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Adriana –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

VOICEMAIL CONTENT: "This is intended to inform you regarding an enforcement action executed by the Canadian Revenue Agency intending your serious attention towards this matter. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offence. Now, this is the final attempt to reach you. To know your case number, and to speak to a revenue officer call back on 2892734507. I repeat, 2892734507. Thank you."

I did not responded to this voicemail because I know for a fact that the CRA will never call anyone unless you contacted them first. Also they have their own way of communication and collection. Do not fall for this!

Brooke –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Robo call indicated I was under investigation by CRA and if I did not return the call, they would put out an arrest warrant for me.

They left the call back number: 613-927-9265

I called via google hangouts and it was answered as "This is Canada’s Revenue Agency, Neil Johnson speaking"

I did not engage in a discussion.

Wayne –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called said they were CRA and there was a fraud case against me and I had to call immediately to make payments arrangements or be charged. The number above. I called told them I worked for the CRA and that I have just passed this number to the RCMP. They hung up ( heavy East Indian or Arab accent)

Christie –

Type of a scam Identity Theft

This was sent to my university of Saskatchewan email address saying that I was getting a tax return. The link led to a page asking for my social insurance number and other information.

Colleen –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Tax refund/Interac e-Transfer

underlying link is

Keith –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I called back and they answered Canada revenue agency. I said you woke my kid up and they hung up.

Robyn –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a text claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency

Chelsea –

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Asked if I was (initial and last name) Foreign accent I found hard to understand (?South Asian?) Man said he was contacting me from Canada Revenue saying they had a court action against me. I knew that was not true; told him I couldn’t understand him – told him to have someone else contact me, then hung up.



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