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Krista –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

They start with "who should I talk to about updating your expired Ontario Provincial listing in the directory and we will then send your invoice for $599.99" and I then said to them can I call you back after I verify the listing. I then asked if I can look at our listing on their site, and they said no it expired in November…..well it is still November so I’m not sure how that works. When I told them the number they were calling from and if I could call it they said this is an outbound number – 514-284-3214 then after persisting they gave me this number for customer service which I have not called 844-669-3945. The person was getting annoyed with me and very confrontational when I said I wouldn’t verify anything and in fact the person that should was in a meeting. They said, "but we will still end up having to call back and verify your information after you talk to customer service." I then contacted the marketing department and they have never heard of them.

I googled it and is a scam and they just try to trick you into being billed $599.99 and they hope that no-one figures it out so they get paid for really nothing.



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