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Stacy – Apr 02, 2020

i applied for a loan also was told i was approve and once i paid a downpayment of 2400 then they money would be bank account in 3-5 business days but after a week i receive nothing so i try contacting them and they said to send another 2400 and at that point i felt something was fishy so i ask for a refund and after that they stop answering my calls. CANADIAN CHOICE LENDING SERVICES IS A FRAUD.

Michele –

Total money lost $3,525

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

My co-worker applied for a personal loan to help save her home. Once her application was approved she received the following:

REFERENCE# 512-2052

REP: Laura Beckham 1-226-920-9516


Your loan application went through underwriting successfully, we have

your terms and conditions available. In order to receive the information

on your loan please contact us 1-226-920-9516

Thank you!

She forwarded myself the email as I would have followed suit and applied for the same type of loan. As of today May 6th, 2019 the number now states "The number is unavailable" and to Please try again later. This woman is in fear of losing her home over $3500.00. She is going to report this to police but I do feel that other Canadians should know!

The photo attached is a forwarded email that was sent to her, stating that she was approved for the loan.

Julia –

Total money lost $980

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied on this website for a loan/line of credit between $10000-$20000. Got a call a couple days later saying I had been approved for up to $20k loan, with a 7-year term at reasonable monthly payments of $293.00. I also had the option for a $10,000 loan for 5 years with payments of $193.00/month. I initially told the woman I wanted the 10k loan and then she said I had to put $980 up front because my credit score meant I could only get a "secured" loan. Being so desperate, I foolishly, foolishly E-Transfered money to an email address she had given me. Later that night I contacted her back and said I wanted to get the $20k, is it too late to change it. She said for the $20k I needed to advance another $980.00. I did. Hours later she called me saying that the e-transfer hadn’t been accepted yet because the person in "payments department" was off that day, and to send it to someone else. I called my bank to reverse the E-transfer and THANKFULLY they were able to get me this money back. However, the other transfer of $980 was accepted an I do not see myself getting that back. Anyway, after promises of having the loan deposited by "midnight or noon the next day" into my bank account, I saw nothing. And all contact immediately ceased. The money never showed, the emails werent responded and the phone calls weren’t answered.

I searched in desperation for a reasonable loan after being denied by my bank. I let my excitement and utter stupidity get the best of me in quickly and immediately trusting this supposed life saver, who was just going to send me $20k in exchange for $1900 and everything would be fine. Now i’m 1000 bucks broker than I was with no recourse of having this money returned.



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