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Javier – Apr 27, 2020

Total money lost $588.12

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received a marketing call from Rose Paper Ink about a great deal on ink cartridges and that they’re canadian made. The Promo was 2 cartridges for $158 and that they would throw in a $10 LCBO gift card as well. Great. Went along. Received only one cartridge for $196.04 and the LCBO gift card. This was July 2018. They called and followed up and said that the 2nd cartridge would follow shortly. The 2nd cartridge came but so did a separate bill for a total of $196.04 in Aug 2018. That’s when the problems started. We called and complained about the 2nd invoice and they said it was a misunderstanding and they would send us an additional cartridge to rectify this. So we paid for the second invoice. In Nov 2018 we receive a third cartridge and another separate invoice for another 196.04. Called and spoke to "Sara" and apparently this was the 2nd half or our order. I told her that we didn’t order this and that we were not paying any more and did not want any more shipped. Told her that the cartridges do not last as long as promised and print very poorly. She confirmed that there were no outstanding invoices or amounts on account. I told them to send us a letter confirming this. Instead they sent an email confirming a payment without our authorization. In March 2020 we received another call from a women about a 4th cartridge. I told her that we did not order any and we did not want any more. She became very rude and said that we ordered a promo deal and that we had to fulfill our order and she also threatened small claims court. This is a very DECEPTIVE company which uses customers to gain profits and sales. They promise one thing and then they use tactics to twist the customers words and threats. They double bill and do not honour anything they say.

Tara – Feb 18, 2020

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Got a cold call to try some ink cartridges, did that and got a bill for $398.31. I paid the bill and got a call saying I had agreed to another shipment, I told them no. They shipped anyway and I got another bill. I called to complain and they said they would take my extra cartridges for charity but sent me another order of cartridges instead which I refused delivery. They called to complain and I told them I would not be doing business with them again. This was in 2018, I got a call today, February 2020 saying that I had to take another shipment from them to close the account and I had a contract with them. I do not have any agreements with them at all and told them they were dishonest and they were incredibly rude. They need a government official to look into their unethical business practices.



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