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Grant – Jun 05, 2020

Under no circumstance would I recommend this vendor. They are a scam, and will attempt to take your money. I have emails from the owner to prove my statement. I offered “Lisa” every opportunity to do the right thing, which she dodge to the end. Shop elsewhere, trust me.

Kaitlin – May 26, 2020

Canawan is a scam website. You can not contact them and their email does not work. ITS A SCAM!

Ernest – May 11, 2020

I ordered seat covers on in April after weeks with no response i reached out to customer support to just get a refund.Phone number is always busy i did have 2 people contact me back with a “tracking”number but it does not exist. I reached out again and they said they would check on my status but still no response now the website dosent exsit. I have requested a refund multiple times with no response.

Mary – May 26, 2020

Contact bank and get your money back. Its a scam website

Abigail –

Order only if you have ALL the time in the world. Well, allow at least sixty days, if you like a nerve-wracking good nail-bitter. Ninety days would be better for your blood pressure. Here’s my saga: On November 26th I ordered the cutest damn seat covers in the whole wide world, which were intended as a Christmas gift. When they weren’t received by Canawan’s estimated receipt date, and unable to directly reapply to their emails, I contacted them via the contact link on their website, referencing my order number, several times to no avail. Their phone number goes unanswered and their USA physical address changes often. Long story short, your seat covers aren’t manufactured in the USA and why they provide an address in the USA on their website remains a mystery. Canawan is located in CHINA, folks. Canawan doesn’t print the fabric until an order is received, and finally your order is manufactured. Next, your order is mailed via EMS China, which means if one of the EMS workers wants your package they can and will help themselves and if they do you have no recourse. Zip, zero, nada. If not, then your seat covers sit in USA customs awaiting inspection, before USPS finally takes possession of the parcel. In my case, USPS received the parcel on December 28th. On January 14th my Christmas gift order, that will now become a birthday gift, was finally received. Other than being excessively tardy, perhaps due to an overwhelming crush of Christmas business, the seat covers were received as ordered and look fabulous. Yes, I would use this company again because their designs rock. No, they aren’t scammers. If there is another order in my future, or in yours, I recommend a three month time frame for receipt. The pit of your stomach will thank you.

Sharon –

Ordered car seat covers on December 1, dawned on me around mid December that I never got a tracking number, started digging around and found this website realizing it was a scam. Contacted my credit card company and had payment refused. Ironically, a few days after I refused payment, I finally got a tracking number, which I’m sure is fake because it’s been almost 2 weeks since they was any movement on the package. So yeah a scam

Ricky –

Ordered seat covers. Conformation email never received. Support phone number is never answered. The support email address is rejected by the postmaster. Product never received. Report fraud to your card holder.

Carla –

Scammer’s phone 1 (910) 250 9291

Scammer’s address

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I placed an order through Canawan for seat covers for a truck as a gift for Christmas. My order was supposed to be received by December 20, 2019, and I even paid for expedited shipping. My order is not even ready yet nor has it shipped. When I initially e-mailed, I did receive a response, which was very poorly worded and it was evident that whoever responded does not know the English language well. I have e-mailed twice since and have yet to receive a response. The phone number provided does not work either. I see that within the last couple of days, they changed their website, and it is now being referred to as It does not appear that car seat covers are even available on this site. The address and contact information is the same as Canawan except for the e-mail address, which does not work either. I am filing a dispute through Paypal for a refund and would never order from this company or its other companies again.

Tasha –

I ordered seat covers a month ago and have never received them. I have sent numerous emails and have never heard back from anyone. The tracking number they gave me doesn’t tell me anything. This company is a scam

Chelsea –

NOT recommended! I have been waiting since November 23rd to receive a tracking number after receiving an order number confirmation I have sent three emails to the email address they provide and have not received any response I also have attempted calling the number provided and all it does is rings and rings and Rings I am reporting them to my bank today

Ramon –

Scammer’s phone 910-250-9291

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 704 Auburn Way Morgan Hill CA 95037

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

Bought car seat covers and when I got them they were nothing like the picture. I have spent 3 months emailing them and then emailing me back saying they are going to fix the problem. In the mean time while the name has stayed the same their physical address has changed and when you call the number it says call failed. I payed $60 for these seat covers and they have stretch this past any chance of return but I now see that this is bull. They keep forgetting that they scammed me so they send me emails but they are different address. The seat cover on the right are from web and the two small ones are what I got. It Has been a very expensive lesson because I painted my car to match those seat covers before I got them. My car is teal green in the original picture.

Margaret –

This is the car

Kristine –

Dolores Sanchez
Do not order anything off this website, I ordered a pair of seat covers for my truck, that was well over a month ago and still to this day have not received anything. Please warn others of this website which is a SCAM SITE! Buyers beware! 🛑 😡

Hannah –

I purchased car seat covers …never got them after a month of emails with no response & finding out my tracking number is a fake tracking number…I reported fraud to my credit card company! THIS IS A SCAM SITE

Antonio –

Victim Location 07305

Total money lost $4,694

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Canawan is a scamming website. Do not order, you will not get product order from site or receive emails back from them because they don’t exist..



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