Candace Michelle and Jane Judy Doe

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Marissa –

Victim Location 91784

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Romance

I have been scammed again. This is a duo of two woman friends who call themselves Candice Michelle, ca. 30, and Jane Judy Doe (s.i.c.), 21-22. They work together and both say they fall in love with someone (both at warp speed.) They will ask for gas money of 100, but they will ask that a number of times and find excuses for not meeting up with people they promised to do so with. They also ask for iTunes and Google cards of small deniminations, usually $25. The larger denomination transfers are $100 or $50 where they ask you to buy them Amazon cards which they cash. They both show you their ***, a few times in advanced stages of ***. The last scam was where the older, "Candy" proposed bringing her friend and having a "threesome". The younger one wants to hook up secretly and establish a more serious long-term relationship, have your babies and dump the "older" woman. The younger says this will be "our secret’. Do not forget that they are playing this scam together. After playing the target as long as they can, they stop communications. They say they live in San Bernadino, CA, but it comes out that they are actually in San Diego, CA. The older one, "Candy", appeals to greed by saying that her power attorney father has given her a large trust fund. Presentable pictures are enclosed.



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