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Mindy – Jul 09, 2020

Victim Location 75068

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to purchase a dachshund puppy. I ran across this website as it looked legitimate compared to the other websites I found. It gave a very compelling synopsis about how the person got into breeding on it’s "About Us" page. They texted me as well as emailed me. When they emailed me they gave an actual phone number to contact them and additional photos of the puppy. They answered all my questions that I had. They seemed very legitimate.

I sent the money and planned to pick up the puppy in a couple of weeks since they were close to where I lived. My plans changed and I was able to pick up the puppy sooner than expected. I contacted them to setup a pickup date and they never responded. My partner decided to contact them about the same puppy. She received the same set of emails that I originally received along with the same photos I received. They never told her the puppy was unavailable. When it came time to purchase the puppy, my Partner asked for their full address. They gladly responded with an address along with a video of the puppy in question.

The address they gave had a different zip code than the one previously mentioned in the email. I googled the address and found it to be for a breeder who breeds Malamutes not Dachshunds. My Partner asked them to explained the discrepancy. In the meantime my Partner researched their website address and found it to be based in Pakistan. They never responded to her request for an explanation or my request to pick up the dog at an earlier time.



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