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Katie – Mar 09, 2020

Victim Location 46222

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Got a call from automated voice, saying that according to state and federal law, I am hereby notified of a pending claim against me. Said it was in my best interest to contact them, gave a case number, a phone number, and ended the call with "You have been notified." Had received such a call from a different operation last year. So called them, gave the case number. They had my full name, social security number, address, an actual debt from many years ago. When I asked for the date, it was more than 7 years old; as the gentleman was reviewing the record he said, "…looks like it was charged off in 2013…" (Since it was "charged off" I knew it was not collectible and the original company had already sold it and received whatever other credit also comes from that.) I played along by asking what most people do, what if I do nothing, do they accept payment plans, and what their web site address was. His response: We don’t actually have a web site, I’ve been told. This is after he told me, "I think it’s like www.capitalmediation." I tried pulling it up and it was a blank page with an insecure web site symbol in the top left corner of the browser. I asked if it was dot com or dot net, and he said, " I’m new here. I can understand your concern, blah blah blah, they could start litigation against you, what is your email address and I can send you a copy of a Demand Letter." "What email address should I use, and I’ll send this right over, it’ll have all the information for you…" (DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MORE INFORMATION, BY THE WAY.) He asked what I would like to do and I said I thought I would report them to the Federal Trade Commission, at which point he began talking really fast and louder, saying he would just mark the file with my refusal to pay, blah blah blah, said, "You have a good day sir!" and hung up on me.

Audrey – Mar 13, 2020

Thank you for reporting this. Mine experience was same as the first report. I received an automated robotic message and a message from a Michelle Collins. The number called me from Georgia, told me I was a person of interest and that it would be in my best interest to call them back. I have not done so.

Jesus –

Victim Location 66075

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Please be advised that this is some form of scam. They call to advise you to contact their mediation department to avoid legal action on a complaint. They won’t say on who or what complaint or if it is debt or what….. very shady! I owe nothing and I have not filed a complaint, so very suspicious. All they say is they are with Capital Reassurance and that ( My name) needs to contact them, they leave messages all the time and I would like it to stop.



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