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Mark – Mar 17, 2020

Victim Location 43035

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My wife and I have been getting calls over the last week from Capital One Credit Card through Orchard Bank. The African American Woman asked if I was the power of attorney for my mother. Then they asked my mother if they had permission to talk to me. My mother said yes. She said my mother owed $2000 on a credit card, but she would settle for $700. She knew my mother’s Social Security number and previous address. When I asked for a certified mail, she said she couldn’t help, the lawyers will take us to the house. She would get pretty irate when I would say I need to verify the debt. Yesterday, she said I was going to be served papers, and be sued for more than we are asking. Pay now or pay court costs and attorney fees. She said she’d sent us letters. She asked for a bank card because they’d been looking for my mom for a long time. When I tried to do a 3 way call with her and the bank she hung up. Then later we received a call from the "Delaware County Clerk of Courts". When I said you sound the same as the credit card lady, she said I was crazy. She spoofed their phone number. I found this out when I called the courthouse and they confirmed they hadn’t called.

Mathew –

Victim Location 55117

Type of a scam Credit Cards

they called me and i called back asking who they were and they said captial one credit cards and when i tried to tell them that i didn’t have a credit card with them they hung up mid sentence after i said the word "I" and then i tried call them back but the number was disconnected. super frustrating because i don’t know what they are gonna do with my information



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