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Dominic –

Victim Location 70469

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Scammer left a message for me to call them back after identifying themselves as Capitol One and needing more information for my credit application. I’m to call back to 800-957-4008 to the Underwriting Department. I did call Capitol One to see if this was a legit call and not the number that they said to call back to. Both numbers that I’ve listed I went online to see if it was indeed a Capitol One number anywhere in the United States. These numbers are coming out of Aberdeen, Washington. No connection with Capitol One business. I want to make sure you understand me, I did not call the phone number from my caller ID or the number that they said I needed to call the Underwriters Department.

Christian –

Victim Location 03441

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Contacted company in reference to a loan that I was approved for. In order to receive the loan I would of had to accept a deposit from them and return it to them buy purchasing gift cards. Which I mistakenly did and as a result they want me to do this process again this time using money gram. I then contacted Capitol one directly and they that this was a scam.

Leslie –

Victim Location 29617

Type of a scam Phishing

I had four identical charges on two consecutive days on my credit card statement. I did not recognize any of the scant information given, so I called customer service for clarification. The person I talked with said I see a phone number associated with these entries, I will call it for you. So she did. Another ‚Äúcustomer service representative‚ÄĚ came on line. The lady did not speak English very well. She said I will check into this and call you back. No calls back. But I started getting 8, 10, 12 emails a day asking me to rate a service that I am not aware of ever receiving. The only way they could have gotten my email address is from the Capital One representative. I have been trying since January to get this straightened out and my account closed. I have had at least four phone calls, and I have written two letters and sent copies of all correspondence about this account. I received four identical letters today demanding additional information, or the disputed amount would be reapplied to my account. When I called, I got another lady who did not speak English very well either. I was put on hold several times while she checked with her supervisor. Finally after about twenty minutes on hold, I was told that my account has already been closed, just ignore those letters. So how do I get rid of the number emails, other than sending them straight to trash?

Claire –

Victim Location 23320

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Received text from (478)345-1718 – Congratulations! Your loan application has been approved for $5000 from CAPITAL ONE BANK. If you interested for your Loan Please contact our loan officer & they will assist you better .Please contact our direct line number is (418)345-1718 Thank you. For Best Regards, Capital One Bank. This is not the real number to Capital One Finance. I researched online that number 478-345-1718 as also a number used by an IRS scammer.

Miguel –

Victim Location 20782

Type of a scam Phishing

I received the attached letter at my ex-wife’s home (my former home).

I do not have a cap one account, nor have i applied for one.

When i called the number indicated, "Emily" asked for additional personal information, which i did not give her.

I suspected a phishing scam.

I called capital one customer service to report and they indicated that they had not heard about this scam and asked that i report it to the BBB, Richmond, VA branch.

Rebecca –

Victim Location 11961

Type of a scam Credit Cards

The woman, who was exceptionally rude, kept insisting I had to come into their offices to sign "important paper" for my business account with them. I do not have a business account with anyone, nor do I have an account with capitol one. If you call back the number they are calling from, you will be connected to the person’s desk. She answers as "Capital One." Again, it IS NOT Capital One. Be warned!

Luis –

Victim Location 29401

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a call from someone claiming to be from Capital One. They said they could lower my interest rate, but they needed my credit card # and expiration date. I called Capital One & they said it was probably a scam,

Elizabeth –

Victim Location 92683

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a call from this number saying they are Capital one. Asked for verification of the last 4 SSN, last 4 of card.

Steven –

Victim Location 92653

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Stated that my credit card was returned and they needed all of my information

Brad –

Victim Location 30909

Type of a scam Credit Cards

18009556600 calls and leaves voicemails everyday with a request that I call them back at 18669537906. When I called 18669537906, I was immediately asked for my 9 digit social and 16 digit card number. I asked to speak to a representative and they let me speak to a "supervisor" who then continued to ask for my personal information. He claimed is name was Eduardo and his rep ID was fhk774.



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