Capital One Spoof/Imposter

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Abby –

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This company calls 8+ times a day. When I googled the number not once did it come up as Capital one. also Capital ones phone number starts with 1-800. Anyway I called the number back and they advised they were calling from capital one regarding my account, I told them I spoke with my actual credit card company who advised me the number this person was calling me from was not associated with them in anyway. The lady got very rude me with me and I finally hung up. You’ll notice when you call back each time, it’s ALWAYS the same person. They’re getting smarter though, they give you an identification number (which capital one does) they have you wait in a "que" to speak with someone, and they ask all the right questions, BUT don’t be fooled because in the end you’re the one whose going to get scammed.



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