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Brenda –

Victim Location 47906

Total money lost $411.45

Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a pop-up message on my browser claiming to be from Microsoft saying that I had a virus that would delete my hard drive if I closed the window and to call 1-855-972-9572 to fix my computer. I tried to close the window, thinking it was spam, but the window wouldn’t close. This convinced me that I had a virus, so I called the number. I was tricked into spending over $400 on Malwarebytes, uBlock Origin, and CCleaner, all of which are free. I gave them my debit card number and remote access to my computer, which makes me afraid of how much damage they could do to me.

Spencer –

Victim Location 48316

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Tech Support

came up on computer screen that they would help repair computer, since it was locked up. needed credit card and offered protection.



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