Care Auro Enterprise Inc.

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Christian –

Victim Location 33175

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Other

This person name Abe, advertised in Craigslist and Offer up apps, offered to finance a car for us.

We went to his office (the office is not there anymore, they moved without any notice)…. and they requested a 1500 dollars down and we deposited from my bank account Chase, I got the prove for the transaction.

They will going to call us when the vehicle will be ready to pick up. They operated under Care Auto Enterprise, Inc. The car that we was waiting for never came, we have been getting the run around for months. He always give us a reason that the car was not ready, that need inspection, and so on,,,, always a reason not to answer. my husband and me called many times, he always have a reason not to give us the money or the car, not to call us back he send me some messages to my phone that he was in the hospital, involved in an accident, then that he had a surgery…. but since that he never answer the telephone or messengers. He always said he will call us back but never did. We have been in this situation since October 2018.

This man should be in jail. He is not right with people like us. Is a shame that he is an old man, to been doing that to people. We have 4 kids and were in need to a car and he is a scammer that only takes us money.



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