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Anne –

Victim Location 78665

Total money lost $29

Type of a scam Other

Young lady came to our door, on behalf of "", to collect funds in order to send "care packages" to soldiers stationed overseas. This young lady has a particularly good story that strongly tugs at the heartstrings, and so we wrote a check.

Shortly after, she then proceeded to our neighbour, claiming we sent her over to them (we had not), and then overstating (to our neighbour) the amount we donated so as to maximize her commission / collection.

Afterwards we researched the company and found that they are a for-profit (as stated on their site), immediately calling into question the validity of the charity. We also found some unnerving complaints and reviews online, prompting us (and our neighbours) to cancel our checks.

I urge BBB to investigate this company – they seem to be travelling all over Texas seeking funds to support their "cause".

Do note in the "Dollars Lost" section below: We "donated" $40 via a check, but canceled the check at a $29 fee. Thus – we did not lose money to the company, but we are out $29 net.



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