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Phillip – Jun 18, 2020

Betrug über PayPal:
Hose bestellt, Schrott bekommen.
Keine Rückmeldung auf E-Mail bzgl. Bitte um Retourenschein.
Konflikt bei PayPal eröffnet. Lösung: Rücksendung mit Sendungsnachverfolgung für 63 Euro von Deutschland nach China. Bei nicht Angabe der Trackingnummer automatische Schließung des Falls. Kontaktaufnahme zu PayPal nicht möglich.
Danke für nichts!

Aaron – Jun 14, 2020

Omigosh! I ordered 3 pros of pants totaling 112.17. They charged me twice! 224.34! Thru PayPal. Please God, let them reimburse me! I cant throw that kind of money away! No.product sent!

Donald – May 31, 2020

Ordered shoes in early April. Paid using my paypal account. After 3 weeks and no shoes I filed a complaint and request for a refund which in itself was a process. Still no shoes after over a month. I did receive an email stating the shoes were shipped with a tracking number. I waited and kept checking the shoes were somewhere in San Francisco. After 2 more weeks I finally received the shoes. Real cheap not as described. Soles are like cheap flip flops you would pay $0.99 for. Buckles are not real buckles . Cheap C clasp holds it in place around your ankle. Stay away. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. I’ve learned my lesson.

Courtney –

CARE.PPCS is a bogus company from China. They change names of their shops, they advertise through Facebook. PayPal helps them to get away with scamming people. I had a dispute, got some rubbish, which they asked me to return to China on my own cost. There is no buyer protection with PayPal for sure.

Tristan –

Victim Location 95843

Total money lost $85

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

An add for a quality leather sandal with a partial cork bottom/ footbed, was on Facebook under the name Magic28. When ordered the name CARE.PPCS, with e-mail that came up as [email protected] The shoes that came were dime store quality, poor fitting and poorly made. The return address on the package was for Chino, CA. There was no information in the package to return the items. The only thing available was the e-mail used to say it was ordered, and when it shipped. This e-mail has not been helpful and they send notes back without any real information, just write: "This is not the return address. And we can’t do the refund for the wrong return address. The return address locates in China so the shipping fee must be high. Could you keep the item yourself? You can wrap them up as a gift for others. Can you please consider it? Any questions, please feel free to contact us." This is all through [email protected]



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