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Jorge –

Victim Location 80138

Type of a scam Phishing

Robo-call asking if I can hear them over the phone then hangs up as soon as I said Yes. Sounds like same scam that happened a couple of years ago.

Charlotte –

Victim Location 80130

Type of a scam Employment

These people have called me daily for a month now. They say they are from Career Advisor and are responding to a job you applied for. However, they never provide you with any information and they ignore your questions. I gave them an old email address and name hoping they would go away, but they continue to harass me. If you cooperate with them, they eventually promise to send you information and then try to get your information for furthering your education no matter what you tell them. They use several numbers in the area so blocking one number does little to stop them. They had a recording that said put your number in if you do not wish to be contacted, which I got the first time I tried to call them back to find out more about them. It doesn’t stop them from harassing you. They are very aggressive. Just hang up on them or better yet, don’t even answer the phone as they won’t stop no matter what you do.

Patricia –

Victim Location 92104

Type of a scam Employment

I have been receiving calls for the past couple of months all from the Oxford, OH area code. For a while, I did not answer them as I don’t answer unknown callers but then decided to see who it was, thinking it could be a wrong number. It’s always the same male voice saying "Hi this is Jack calling from Career Advisors on a recorded line. Can you hear me ok? You signed up for career services in our area…". It’s obviously weird for someone to call you on a recorded line and I don’t actually live in that area code anymore, so I told him "No, that’s incorrect" and hung up. It has happened again multiple times. I was hoping they would stop calling if I am not interested, so I tried saying that the next time. They are still calling. This time I was silent. The voice repeated itself and then hung up. This is clearly a scam, I am assuming looking for vocal consent.

Carrie –

Victim Location 13601

Type of a scam Phishing

Called as a career advisor saying I was recently on the Internet looking for Jobs online (which I was). Said he was a career advisor and was asking recorded yes or no questions. When asked about the company he said he would transfer me to his manager. He said the company was out of palm Harbor Fl. I asked a few more questions and it sounded that I was being muted from being recorded. It was strange. After I kept asking questions, he hung up on me! I don’t know if they recorded enough to gain any of my CC information.

Kellie –

Victim Location 48336

Type of a scam Employment

I received a phone call from a "Mary" who claimed she was calling from Career Advisor and wanted to discuss a few job opportunities for me. Unfortunately, I am actively looking for a job. This led me to answering some resume related questions. So, yes I answered about type of job, highest level of education and sadly I can’t remember any others.

What stopped me in my tracks was that "she" asked to confirm the spelling of my name. I instantly apologized and said I’m sorry to ask but is are you a live person because on my line the call sounds automated. There was a slight chuckel and "she" said I’ve never heard that question before. Then "she" asked again to verify. That made me extremely uneasy, nervous and scared of what might have just happened.

I immediately hung up. When I called the same exact number back, it answered with "are you there".

I am terrified now. The call just happened at 9:37 and my return call at 9:41on August 2nd. I’m not sure what all to watch for. I already have terrible credit on my own so I’m praying that, for a change, it will work to my benefit.

Maria –

Victim Location 47331

Type of a scam Phishing

They called and said they were from Career Advisor and asked if I could hear them ok I said yes and they asked what type of job I was looking for so I hung up



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