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Shaun –

Victim Location 33756

Type of a scam Employment

I apply for a work from home job as a logistic manager for cargo afc llc with Janet howard ip address I started on february 4th 2018 my duties was to receive packages at my address *** ** *** *** *** *** *** ***, which I did so then I will receive packages match them with the shipping labels janet howard sent to me to drop off at a fedex or ups center.The pay was 20 per package delivered 14 day trial then 3200 after 1 month which never was sent to my paypal which should have been on april 20th 2018.I received a total of 45 packages that was sent out and never heard back from janet howard who have a copy of my ID card social security card and information. I’m afraid that the items could have been stolen and delivered to me to sent to them so I’m letting you guys no I play no part in this scam also [email protected] whoever this guy is suppose to have paid me go by the name ciuerlos warehiuse goods,I was scammed and mad and want these animals to be held accountable for they doing I tried to contact janet she erased email tried to login panel want allow me in which i know is a scam I would like for something to be done about this so that nobody out there would get scammed by these people.I have screenshots and emails of all they doing so please reach out to me for further information regarding this manner.



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