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Kristopher – Jun 07, 2020

Victim Location 90028

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Tech Support

These guys told me they would be able to cut and program a key and they were unable to. When this happened the tech, Maor Mizrahi informed me that I would need to replace the BCM in order to program the key. He said as soon as I do this to call or text him and he can come right out. I said I have work Sunday and I require it to be sone before then, tomorrow morning work? He said yes, just call or text and he would come. When I did he said he was celebrating a holiday and wouldn’t be about to come until Sunday. I called the company since it shows that it’s still open and try to get someone to answer, no one answers for my phone, they kept rejecting the calls. I eventually started leaving reviews and the owner called me and said that he didn’t recognize the mans name. At first…. two hours of me sending phone call records between myself and his business and the tech, text messages, etc. Finally he says let me call you back and when he does he says “listen I know this man, we were very busy and my sales clerk just called him. He does this from time to time and is a great man, best in the city…” I said well you know him, now this is confirmed, can you send a tech out to my area? And he says… well we’re also celebrating, the company. So we don’t have anyone working. Sunday is the best we can do. Just out of curiosity I try calling the company from a friends phone and what do you know, they will be able to send a tech out to his location in 20 minutes. The tech who calls him to fulfill the order? Maor Mizrahi, he confirms the car and location and agrees to meet. 15 minutes after the call, the boss calls his phone and starts telling him that the company and the driver are unable to drive out today because of a holiday and they had forgot!!!! So I took the phone, knowing that he knew what was happening already. And I tried addressing the issue again thats when he starts screaming “shut the [censored] up” over and over and over again like a child who knew that he had been caught in a lie. He then texted me from his personal cell phone. I asked repeatedly for either a refund or a tech and he just refused saying he would come out personally this Sunday but only if I would bet him $450 that the key is fine(the dealership tried to program it but told me it was a faulty after-market key and that “the had never seen my car with a key not made from the dealership directly”) $450 is the total I paid them up front… I said deal and he has since blocked my phone, I tried to call Today to confirm it and it won’t even begin to ring for me now.


Phone: +1 (323) 721-2200

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