Carrino Plaza

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Martin – Jun 16, 2020

Victim Location 07104

Type of a scam Rental

Looking for an apartment. I look up the address to a nice complex near me and when I call (844) 325-6088 which is the number listed on the website, I get an Indian person who barely speaks proper English. He proceeds to tell me in order to reserve the apt I would need to pay 4.95 which at first didn’t seem like anything to me. He proceeded to ask me for my last 4 digits of my card, expiration date, my name, address and date of birth. He then sent me through an automated verification system for the same info. He then transferred me over to a “supervisor” to go over further details and to submit an application. Once I was transferred is when things got a bit worry some. Another Indian person who I could not understand at all yet sounded like a robot. I hang up the phone and call back 3 times (after being hung up on) before someone actually picked up again. Another Indian person picks up and starts to tell me a different story. He begins to tell me about a rebate gift card of $100 and it costs 2.95 in order for him to proceed with the apt details. When I declined the rebate the guy stated he could not help me unless I signed up for the rebate card. That’s when I knew it was a scam. I asked for a supervisor, he stated everyone was on a call and due to Covid they are short staffed. I hung up and googled the Carrino Plaxa again and came across the regan development who are actually in charge of the plaza. I called the regan development and spoke with a woman who stated the website is a fraud/scam and it did not belong to them. She stated they do not ask for any credit card info at all and will be looking into.



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