casc Construction LLC Chad Cattafesta

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Rosa –

Victim Location 26508

Total money lost $8,600

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Chad Cattafesta and Shannon Cattafesta owners of Casc Construction LLC took money from a couple as a down payment of close to $10,000 for home improvement. Chad Cattafesta got recommended by his wife, Shannon Cattafesta, which works at *** *** *** ***. He went to their home and did a small project which was very good. Then they wanted to do a much bigger project in which he gave them an estimate. They had a contract written up which was written up by Chad Cattafestas wife. Everything detailed in contract and also received a receipt of payment. Chad Cattafesta did show up once but only built an wheelchair access ramp which was not finished and still is not. After that he was never seen again. He only spoke on the phone with them. For Several days and I mean several scattered out days Cattafesta would call and say that he was going to be there to start the job then never show up. Excuse after Excuse playing sympathy so the couple would feel sorry for him and excuse why he wasn’t there. One excuse is that his truck broke down. Another excuse: He would call and say that he would be there within 30 minutes and not show. He was supposed to call today to settle up and give them their money back and again did not call nor show up. At this time he has stolen close to $10,000 unless he resolves it by giving their money back which doesn’t look promising. If Chad Cattafesta is recommended to do any work for you, turn away quickly. He has scammed an elderly couple, a disabled veteran. Do not fall into his trap. When Looking on the WV Secretary of State online data services business and licensing you will find that CASC Construction LLC with Chad Cattafesta as member and organizer and Shannon Cattafesta as Member is not in compliance with license since 5-12-2016. Also in 12-30-2014 you will find a business name CATT Construction which was revoked (failure to file annual report) under Chad Cattafesta.



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