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Meagan – Jul 06, 2020

Victim Location 48602

Total money lost $986

Type of a scam Other

I had received my tax refund,I go try and get the money off the card ain’t working, I look in the card for some type of number but there is not one, so I go to Google put in cash app customer service, I call they sound real professional, had me install a app that came with some id numbershi, when I gave them the numbers they hag control of my cash app, I’m just watching them take my money and couldn’t do nothing,I tried to stop it, I kept calling first the run around trying to get new to have someone cash app me some more money to verify my account, Im going crazy, I really needed that, have noway to contact cash app forreal, I’m thinking bout trying fo sue them, it’s their app and they know people are going to try and call customer service if something wrong. Im lost.

Nichole – Apr 10, 2020

Victim Location 19709

Total money lost $1,288

Type of a scam Tech Support

Needed to speak with customer support for cash app. Needed funds refunded by someone I paid and goods were never received. Looked for an actual contact number since the app was not helpful being limited in options available. Contacted

850-404-7712 and spike with Mike. Mike had a foreign accent and didn’t think anything of it because a lot of businesses outsource phone help. I explained to him what happened and he said they could get my money back but I had to go through an account verification. At this time I involved my daughter because we had transactions before. We both were told to download TeamViewer QuickSupport and provide them with the ID provided in order to walk us through the verification process. It didn’t work so I was told to ask someone else so I did and went to my cousin. Had her go through the same process. This time I was told to tell her I would call her back if needed. Throughout the verification processes the three of us were instructed to enter test amounts most of which were declined if, of course there wasn’t enough money in your cash app to cover it. At the end my daughter transferred $299 to my cash app and my cousin transferred $989 to my cash app. Now there is over a $1k in my account and not thinking anything bad because I could transfer their funds back. Throughout this whole process I was told to remove my bank card and replace it with one of theirs in order to get my $400 back. Multiple cards he went through and it would not link to my account. Then finally one did. He told me to transfer the money in my account to that card, close my account and wait 24 hours for the system to finish verifying my account and when the 24 hours were done open the account. When I open it the $1288 from my daughter and cousin plus my $400 will be in my account! I started freaking out and asked about them needing their money before the end of the 24 hours and he said they won’t need it. It will be fine and they won’t be mad at me and hung up the phone. I called the number back and tried to explain what just happened and was hung up on again. My daughter looked up more information about cash app support and realized they cannot be contacted via phone only email and through their app. I lost it. Now my family is out of money on top of what I lost. Meanwhile my bank is calling about fraudulent charges and trying to confirm if they were mine!!! Of course not!!! It has been a headache to get through to the rightful people of cash app. Emails were sent only to have another email asking for more details and it seems like a game. Meanwhile time is passing by and the money has not even been a thought for cash app.



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