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Micheal –

Victim Location 90804

Total money lost $26

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I sold a number of items to them, including games, a Nintendo DS and an Xbox 360 and have yet to receive payment

Desiree –

Victim Location 02141

Total money lost $111.23

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was interested in de-cluttering my room, so I decided to sell my used videogames online. I have done so in the past, and I found a new site ( that would take your used videogames and supposedly send you money based on the worth of the videogames. I signed up for the site on August 8, 2017. I was quoted to receive $*** for 39 videogames I was sending to the company. The e-mail I received said, "Your order is on-hold until we confirm payment has been received. Your order details are shown below for your reference: A check will be mailed to the address indicated in your trade-in order. Please expect 3-7 business days for the U.S. Postal Service to deliver it to you. If you do not receive it, please contact us."

A pre-paid shipping box was sent to my address within the next few days. I packed all my games and sent them to the company. Tracking showed that my box arrived at the company’s address. However, I never received confirmation from CashForGamers. I tried to reach them several times through the "contact us" page on their website ( However, I never got a response. I did a Google search on the company and found out they had a Facebook page. On their Facebook page, they had a phone number listed which I called. I could never get through to anyone or leave a message. I eventually sent a message to the company through Facebook. I got a brief reply saying I would receive my payment shortly. That message occurred months ago, and I still never received the quoted amount for the games I sent to the company.

Looking through the CashForGamers Facebook page, I noticed they had a low rating from users. If you look at comments on the page, you will see SEVERAL people that have been scammed out of their videogames. Many people have sent this company their videogames with the expectation they were getting the amount quoted for their games. The process starts off smoothly with the quoted amount and the free pre-paid shipping kit sent to the customer. But after the games are sent and confirmed to have arrived based on tracking, there is no further communication from the company. It is annoying and frustrating to send things you’ve owned that are still worth something, only to not receive quoted compensation. should not be allowed to be in business since they are consistently taking people’s used games and not following through on what they claim they do as a company.

Aimee –

Victim Location 91773

Total money lost $363

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Cash for Gamers claims to pay top dollar for your video games. You place your trade-in order on the website and select if you want to be paid by PayPal or check. They send you a box and a shipping label to send your video games to them. I received an email from them claiming that they got the games and will be processing the payment. The problem is that they never answer to any of my follow up emails on the website nor do they answer the phone. They don’t pay you at all for your games as they claim they do and you never hear back from them.

Cameron –

Victim Location 46237

Total money lost $323.86

Type of a scam Other

On September 17, 2016 I placed an order to sell games on line through the website of The shipping label was received on Sept. 20, 2016 and the package was received on Sept. 30, 2016. On Oct 12,2016 I reached out to see what was taking so long as they said once received you should have payment in a couple days. On Oct 13, 2016 a response from [email protected] stated that the payment would be sent out the next week. Since that time I have reached out to this company multiple times to try to get a response or my product back. I have even contacted my law firm and a demand letter has been sent to them. At this point because of California state law states I have to be in the state to sue in small claims court I am out of options. I believe. I have learned a lesson and I want to provide enough information and complaint on this company so no one else ends up in the same place that I am in. Not only have I lost merchandise worth over $300 but I have lost a lot more time dealing with this and we continue to let this business operate. Please provide any information on if there is anything else that can be done with this business. This is unethical and should be against the law in some fashion.



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