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Kristi – Feb 26, 2020

Victim Location 67208

Total money lost $1,342

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I was selling my used phone on Facebook and I don’t know if I am talking to the same person on phone, Gmail, and facebook messenger. But the one who asked to "buy" the phone on Facebook, she/he is active on facebook messenger but I cannot look up their facebook profile. I sent the phone to 98 Jansen Ave, Essinton, PA 19029. Their facebook profile name is Suzan Lore, they claim as to be the cashapp provider, their email is [email protected], phone number is 9852399460. I sent them bitcoins several times as they keep asking for more money them to "released" the money they are holding. Now, they own me total of 1,342.00. I have several emails/facebook messenger conversations/ and Imessage with them back and forth. I have every receipts and their bitcoin wallet address. The first $530 sent through 3MrkXNiz8i9oR1h9mRo7nW9pNqptaYrxDV , the second $232 sent through 3G8yZ5yhboGk1Ex4jnNPAcZaLtLm4ZjTW5 and the last 580 sent through 3HiaXP7DxujpyDA8JL7pQuzvti42PJ4Tno . Please help me, I am a student and still need to pay for my school payment.



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