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Shana –

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Was taking a personal loan to have only one bill payment and the bank wouldn’t help because my debt ratio so I check out personal loan companies online. I came across a Canadian company and filled out the info and got a phone call and text from the broker name shannon stewart number 647-408-7703 he claimed I was approved but the lender needed me to have insurance because I was high risk and gave me two options of insurance to choose from 700 with 9.9% or 1900 with 4.9% I went with the 700 dollars because I couldn’t afford the 1900. He asked me to send the 700 through anot e-transfer to the insurance guys email [email protected] and once that was done in would receive the money. Like a fool I sent it and then got a phone call saying the insurance company doesn’t feel comfortable with me going with the lower coverage because I am high risk so he said he was sorry and his supervisor would put 500 towards the insurance for the inconvenience and all I had to do was send another 700 to cover the 1900 premium. I said no he said he understood and would send my money back so I was waiting and then called a few hrs later and he said he would do it tomorrow which was sat because he would be in he office from 11:30-12pm so the time came and nothing called him several times and no answer kept calling nothing. So I was freaking out cause I needed the money back. Monday came I called several times again no phone call no money. So this shannon fake name obviously took my money so please be careful in tough times people don’t think. Banks dont help longoing standing customers who dont have millions. so when they need help they go to other sources which can turn out to be a scam and I am a lot smarter than that and if I wasn’t so stressed about finances my radar would of kicked in. So please be careful and watch for the name shannon stewart and email [email protected] and the on-line business which claims is a Canadian company but is nothing but bait to get the thefts that work for them to steal ur money.

Kathryn –

Total money lost $2,150

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan and someone named Dean Tyler contacted me to tell me (which was a number from Toronto – area code (437) 333-7429) that I was approved for a loan of $10,000 – $20,000, but that I would have to pay an insurance deposit of either $700 (6.4% interests) – $1900 (5.2% int.) and would get my $10,000 (this is what I asked for) within the next 20-30 minutes.

I agreed to $700, since I had to borrow that money for that deposit. …and ended up asking me to send the money by e-transfer from my checking account if I had one. So I sent out the money to this email address: [email protected] (is all the information I have). Then after 90 minutes, I didn’t get the money, so I called Dean Tyler back, and he told me then that the loaner said that because of my bad credit I would have to pay the maximum of insurance deposit, which was supposed to be $1900. He said to send another 600$ (which I did) and that still was not enough. (This was on Nov. 16th 2016)

Then he said to send another 350$ and would be good but still it was no. He then said just borrow another 500$ for an hour, which I did and that’s when he said another 600$ and that when I said enough. Now with all that back and forth and neglect of calling me back in the time frame mentioned to me at the time, it was now 4 pm, meaning it was too late for me to get the back my 2150$.

Once he said that I would not be getting the loan unless I pay the extra 600$, I told him I wanted my deposit back. This is when he started to ignore my calls (I would have to call from different phones numbers just to get an answer). I told them then that I wanted my money back, and since it took me less then 5 minutes each time to send out the money, I wanted the money right away. Dean Tyler then told me that he had to talk to the person in charge of refunds, but the processing section did not have a contact number. After avoiding all of my calls as much as possible, I decided to send a text message to the phone stating that “what if I paid the 600$?” I received a phone call back and he said he no longer had my file so I never mentioned the 600$ again, but he did. He asked what was the point of asking about 600$ if I didn’t even mention it to him and I replied it was because he no longer had my file. After 9 business days of trying to get my money back, I decided to request a new fake loan to get a new rep to call me back.

A mister Jason Foster then called me back (this time it was a Vancouver number (604) 621-5349). I explained to him what had happened with Dean Tyler and he said he would get back to as soon as possible as for he was a supervisor and would investigate this matter. After calling back (since he did not return my call) he told me that they had removed Dean Tyler and Chris Brown (who was also supposedly working the Queue that week) and they were being investigated (the 2 employees mentioned above) but that they had never heard of me nor the fact that I sent 2150$. He tried to claim that my network was hacked (I requested the loan from my work computer on an extremely protected network… if there was a hack IT would have picked it right up). I then proceeded to tell him this and he start getting irate with me when I said it was his website that was hacked. Needless to say, I still haven’t received a single cent.

These people need to be stopped, and they need to be criminally charged for what they did to me and will do to others. They pray on people who are in desperate need of money and then steal more. I hope that you will do everything in your power to put a stop to this, thank you.

Bryan –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

After looking online for some additional options to being rejected by the bank for a loan, I found one of those "no credit, bad credit" places. A company that approves you 100%. I was then contacted by Dean Tyler of cashloaners saying that I was approved for the loan amount I requested. I was reluctant right off the hop to be approved as I have recently inquired with some different banks. I also found out there was no credit pull from that company.

I was called from a Toronto number 437-333-7429. When I googled the phone number nothing came up, which is fine but when I actually called back, right away I thought it sounded like a cell phone connection.

Most details are the same as other reports here, I was told that originally I was denied but a second time with a different financial backer they were able to get me approved. It would be an unsecured loan so I would need to pay a deposit of $700 or $1900 if I wanted a lower rate. I was hardly able to get a word in edge wise. Once he told me all the details, he asked how I wanted my money sent and when I could send my deposit. I was told that they accept etransfers for the deposit and that I would have my loan money in 45 mins. Thank god I didn’t give these scammers any money. I called back a second time (before the full scam alarm went off) to ask how much the monthly payment was. When he told me about the insurance I told him that I didn’t have the $700, and he seemed annoyed. I thought "I’m applying for a loan, you think I have $700 just sitting around"

Of course he was super pushy about all the money talk, how long was it going to take me to get the deposit. how did I want to money they were offering. When I suggested doing research he stated that I wasn’t approved for anything so this was my best option. I hope this company gets taken down!

Ashleigh –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

"Adam Perth" from called me to offer me a loan for $10,000.  I asked about details

and he said I was turned down for a secure loan but could get approved for a unsecure loan if I paid an advanced fee with an insurance company they carry….at a pre amount of $700 for 9.9 % apr or $1900 for 6.2% apr.  I thought this was a little bit fishy since I know that this is not allowed.  If it was legit,  any fees are built into the loan amount.  I went to the BBB site and saw 2 complaints filed against Cash Loaners.  The complainants said they sent the fee and was never called back and received nothing…… Just thought I’d report that they are still operating and their website should be shut down, or these people caught.



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