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Christina – Feb 02, 2020

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan online to help me out for Christmas. I was just looking for around $1000 and the next day I received an email from Raymond Price at Castleridge Group stating I was guaranteed for a loan and to call his office for the loan details. I did so and he told me that I was approved for an $8000 loan but in order to secure my loan because I have a little bad credit I would have to choose a collateral option of 1. Putting up something I own, 2. Get a co-signer or 3. Make a payment of $650. So I choose that option. So he emailed me out all the documents to sign through docu-sign and I did so. I also sent him the money through interact e-transfer but first I had to create a Localcoin account which they gave me a wallet address for. After doing so I was suppose to receive my loan within a few hours but I received a phone call from Larry who said he was the manager and that the lender took a second look at my loan and said he would not release it unless I paid $1000 for insurance to make sure the loan would get paid for if I lost my job or got sick. I did not pay this money though. And now I have tried several times to reach these people and get no answer.

Lance –

Im so sorry that you lost your money but thank you for your post. I almost fell for the scam too Raymond Price wanted me to pay $450 in order to get my loan but it was right around the holidays and I couldnt afford to pay that amount so I didnt go through it. Maybe this will help others to not do business with them at all.



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