Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

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Clayton –

Victim Location 76655

Type of a scam Government Grant

I have not contacted the number; however, it shows to be a friend of mine on Facebook and Messenger. They have hacked her information and are contacting me via Messenger. They list a phone number 508-859-0475 to call immediately. I have not contacted the number but I did respond to the message initially because I thought it was my friend Linda. I soon realized it was not her when they started in on the grant so I have not contacted the number.

Clayton –

Victim Location 66215

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Nick Walter had the messaging no. of one of my friends, who supposedly sent me a message stating that she had gotten a Grant given by the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance of $150,000. I asked if she had moved. She (on the message)said she had bought a new home , was opening a antique store , and had moved to Sacramento from Vista CA. She asked if I wanted the name of her contact. She said, she had seen my name on his list and that’s why she contacted me.I messaged him, and he contacted me thru Messenger. He said I had been given a grant of $250,000 and I needed to pay $2500 to confirm and the paperwork. I said,"NO", just take it out of the grant money. He said, that wasn’t the way it worked. I called my friend on the phone, and she had never heard of Nick Walter or any grant for money. He kept messaging for some days, even sending a video of a woman who had received $150,000. The video showed a woman sitting in a car, and saying how happy she was to receive the money, and was obviously reading the script. I had him blocked, and have had no further contact. I had moved from CA in the last 6 most, and my friend was from Vista, CA.



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