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Jesse –

Victim Location 28164

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted through LinkedIn regarding a Data Entry Specialist position for Cato’s Corporation, the clothing store. I found it odd, but as I am always looking for a better job I decided to try and get an interview. I was sent an email, the body of which stated "We at Cato Corporation received your Resume for the Position of Data Entry Specialist posted on LinkedIn. Cato Corporation, are in need of your skills and you’re among the Candidates shortlisted for an online/chat Interview with Cato Corporation. This interview will be coming up on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th 0f July, you can chose any time from 10am to 5pm.". now, this is odd, because I do not have my resume currently on LinkedIn, but again, hopeful, I decided to at least do the interview. first thing that was odd, is that I was contacted at 8:30am, not 10:00am, and when I mentioned that I thought the interview wouldn’t be until 10:00, the question was ignored. long story short, they offered me $20 training pay and $30 after training followed by $40 an hour when I messaged them back. I decided to check and there was another scam similar just a few months ago, almost word for word describing what I was dealing with. another thing is that they said that it would be weekly through check or direct deposit, and at the end they said they would be doing a check. "The office supplies coming are company‚Äôs recommended and more so,the company’s name will be inscribed on them You will receive a payment (Check),this payment (check)will be used to set up your mini office by purchasing the office equipment and software so that you can start your training immediately

NOTE: All materials are to be purchased from the company accredited vendor. I will provide you with the vendor information when you receive the Funds". the original LinkedIn message was from an account that no longer exists but was using the name of a man that has nothing to do with the company. I realized after reviewing the transcripts that the person I was having a chat with was more than likely a bot. I hope this helps someone out, and that they don’t get their hopes up on something as outrageous as a $40 per hour data entry position they can work from home.



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