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Alison –

Victim Location 78254

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Back on November 18th 2018 I ordered a cat purse which my wife told me she would like for Christmas. The purse was supposed to have been shipped between 8 and 14 days the website said. Well December 18th rolled around and I still had not received the purse. So I was concerned that it would not arrive in time for Christmas. I e-mailed the business and called them to find out about the status of the order. They replied it’s on the way. I lady called that weekend and said the order would be there soon and stated a tracking number but she had a heavy accent and there were birds and a rooster crowing in the background.

I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I tried several combinations of the tracking number but they all said that there was no information from the usps yet for that number. I tried using the original tracking number several times and still got the same message that information had not been submitted by the usps. Well Christmas came and went and still no purse. So I emailed and called again and got the same response that the purse was already shipped on on the way. So by far his time it’s into January. I emailed again and called and received a message I would receive the purse in a couple of days. That was on Saturday January 19th and I still haven’t received the purse. So I called my back and reported the fraud and had the money for the purchase refunded to my account and I’m reporting this fraud to you guys. I hope you will be able to close this site down before other people are taken advantage of. Thank you.



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