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Miranda – Jun 10, 2020

Victim Location 03908

Type of a scam Online Purchase

After difficulty placing an order i contacted the company thru the website. A few hours later a man posing as owner of company replys. His replies led me to believe he had no access to any of the information. I believed the issue to be browser incompatability and successfully created an account.

Next issue arose when they system was unable to process my card.

I verified funds and made sure there was no bank fraud alert holding my funds. There was sufficient availible funds and no holds at my bank.

I emailed ‘marc’ again and explained.

Instead of telling me he would have IT look into it and have me contacted later or perhaps support contact me, he offered to used a ‘different system’ to process the sale.

When I told him I wasn’t comfortable using a different system his response was ‘Ok sorry about that I was going to try and get you a good deal on some products to try ..

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you ‘

Nothing about contact you later when system is fixed etc.

I did not get ‘scammed’ out of money but definite shady practices.

Shaun –

Victim Location 98387

Total money lost $499

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Trying to sell a product/ cbd crystals/. Then they never deliver the products and take your money via credit card.



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