CBE Group.

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Kristen –

Victim Location 49417

Total money lost $1,028.63

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This so called company CBE Group has taken a total of $1028.63 from an account of mine for something I DO NOT OWE! My attorney has contacted them as have I. The BBB has also contacted them. They are posing as govt. entities and even using a facimilly of the govt. Logo to do this. They are once again threatening to take MORE money from my account if I do not pay some bill..of which I OWE nothing for and have never used Medicaid as any source of income that they state I did. I am tired and angry that I have had to waste so much of my time fighting with and about this fradulent company. And yet they continue to get away with scaling not only me but other people too. How does this sort of thing happen?, and why are they NOT being investigated by the govt. for use of their name and logals? How and what can I do as a consumer who is being robbed of money I DO NOT OWE?



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